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Ending the Somalia Conflict through Economic Self Determination

The Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS) is a unique African based international organization serving the emerging states of Africa seeking political and economic self-determination under the African Charter on Human & Peoples’ Rights.

Somalia has suffered endless civil unrest fueled by extremism, warlordism, and foreign intervention. A solution has finally emerged to the long standing conflict which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and created as many refugees.  Somalian presidential candidate Dr. Ali Alawi Abdullahi is promoting a timely platform that OEAS believes will foster national reconciliation and good governance through recognition of political and economic self-determination in Somalia’s component regions: Puntland, Jubaland, South West Estate, Hirshabeele, and Somaliland.

Without a strong economic based solution, Somalia cannot heal. Dr. Abdullahi, an expert consultant on hydrocarbons, has the knowledge and means to restore prosperity to Somalia which is rich in oil, gas, and uranium.  By bringing not only production but industrialization to Somalia’s regions, democratic self-determination and reconciliation becomes possible.

According to OEAS Chief Administrative Officer, Dr. Jonathan Levy: The manifesto of the Somali Reconciliation, Justice and Development Party (SRJDP) may well lead to the end of unrest in Somalia if carried to its logical conclusion – reconciliation of regions, rule of law, and economic development.


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