78 Associate Nurses graduated

Mendefera, 10 October 2016 – The Mendefera School of Associate Nurse in its 8th commencement graduated 78 Associate Nurses on 8 October with certificate.

Pointing out that the students have demonstrated excellence in all the training programs provided for about one and half a year, Mr. Bereket Fisehaye, Director of the school, explained that the graduates are members of the 26th round of National Service who completed their 12 grade education at the Warsay-Yikealo Secondary School in Sawa.

Sister Alganesh Teklegergish, Coordinator the program, on her part said that the Ministry of Health has been exerting efforts in producing healthcare professionals in a bid to provide efficient health service to the public in their vicinities and such efforts are playing substantial role in addressing the healthcare demands.

Dr. Berhane Debru, Acting D. G. of Planning and Human Resources Development in the Ministry of Health, handed over certificates to the graduating students and reminded them to upgrade their profession through extra efforts and practice.

Mendefera School of Associate Nurse which begun to offer training in 2003, has so far graduated a total of 1101 students.



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