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What Kenya and Somalia stand to lose: TENSION BUILDS UP

The Diplomatic row pitting Kenya against Somalia over oil and gas blocks in disputed territorial areas which were allegedly auctioned...

Kenya claims Somalia “auctioned” oil and gas blocks in Kenya territory

Kenya is recalling its Ambassador to Somalia, Lucas Tumbo, in protest of the February 7 London Somalia oil conference.

Press Releases

Eritrea speaks out against inhumane practices

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – The Eritrean head of Promotion and Information at the Ministry of Health branch in the Gash Barka...

Somalia: Al-Shabaab Assassins Kill DP World Agent Paul

Djibouti (HAN) February 5th, 2019, Public Diplomacy and Regional security watch. An armed Gunman shot and killed Paul Anthony Formosa who was...


Somaliland: Ireland plots a Course for the next 100 years

Hargeisa (HAN) February 6th, 2019. Public Diplomacy and International Trade Opinion for the conflict in the Horn of Africa. According...

Kenya: East African Military Intelligence Chiefs Meeting

Nairobi (HAN) February 6th, 2019. Public Diplomacy and Regional Security. Taarifa. Military intelligence chiefs from the East African Community meti...