DEGEHABUR (HAN) August 8, 2022. Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. Monitoring Regional Issues. National Security Advisor of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Ambassador Redwan Hussien confirmed triple alliance between Shene, TPLF and Al Shabab in recently attempted incursion in border areas.

Ambassador Redwan stated on Monday that members of the TPLF and Shene terrorist groups have been destroyed in recent measure jointly taken by National Defense Force and Somali Region Special Force while fighting along side the Al Shabab militants.

The incursion was attempted to disrupt Ethiopia’s undergoing efforts to develop its natural resources. “The attempt was also fused with geopolitical interests,”

In recent statement the National Security Council said more than 3000 Al Shabab militants killed in the joint operation.

The National Security Council reviewed the activities carried out over the past months to ensure peace and security and set directions for future endeavors. “Measures were effective in reducing internal vulnerability and ensuring security,” the Council said.



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