ADDIS ABABA (HAN) November 12, 2015. Public Diplomacy & regional Security. The United Nation’s Ethiopian Humanitarian Country Team issued a press release on Ethiopia’s response to the impact of the El-Nino phenomenon on food security in affected areas Tuesday (November 10).

The statement said “The leadership and commitment of the government in driving this response has been exceptional”. It added that the Ethiopian government had already allocated more than US$200 million from its own funds to procure relief items and conduct emergency livestock and water interventions in affected areas.

The Acting Country Director for the UN’s World Food Program, Samir Wanmali, also speaking about the impact of El Nino, said: “One thing is certain. Ethiopia today is far different from the Ethiopia of the past. Ethiopia has a robust disaster risk management system in place to respond to the needs of its people.

With the Government’s leadership and support from the international community, we will mitigate the worst of El Nino’s effect.” He added, “We need to ensure that this natural disaster does not affect the remarkable progress that Ethiopia has made over the past decade.”

The El Nino phenomenon is a global climatic event causing the failure of spring rains and affecting the main rainy season, in the eastern areas of the Horn of Africa. It has caused increased food insecurity, malnutrition and water shortages in affected areas of the country. MFA


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