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Uganda: Tiger Power a Belgian firm has signed an agreement

Kampla (HAN) December 26, 2018. Energy and power supply investments. Ninety per cent of Uganda’s rural areas still lack access to electricity. SEFA was the pioneer of solar energy in Uganda. They’ve installed over 10,000 systems since opening in 1995.
Update: Another first for East Africa as round-the-clock hybrid power grids start operations. By KENNEDY SENELWA (the East African Sources)
Uganda is set to be East Africa’s first country to use hybrid of solar and hydrogen technology to power areas not linked to national electricity grid.

Tiger Power has signed an agreement with Uganda’s Rural Electrification Agency for a hybrid plant to power 3,000 households and businesses in three villages that currently lack electricity in Kyenjojo District.

Tiger Power, a Belgian firm, said it is constructing a solar plant in each village backed by on-site hydrogen production and storage to utilise hybrid technology to supply power that is free of fossil fuel pollution to ensure outages do not occur.

Kyaburyezibwa, Mukiti and Nyamicu villages in Kyenjojo District in western Uganda about 275km west of Kampala city will from mid 2019 get power from the hybrid plant.

Villages will get electricity from a Sunfold” system made up of a containerised generator that has solar panels atop a lead-crystal battery bank. The hydrogen solution is called “Storager” and is contained in a 20ft container.




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