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U.N. estimates 300,000-400,000 enslaved in Eritrea

GENEVA (HAN) June 8.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News.The head of a U.N. human rights inquiry into Eritrea said on Wednesday an estimated 300,000-400,000 people had been enslaved over the past 25 years in Eritrea’s system of indefinite “national service”.

“We probably think there are 300,000 to 400,000 people who have been enslaved,” Mike Smith, the head of the U.N. inquiry, told a news conference.

He also said he believed Eritrea was still operating a shoot-to-kill policy on its borders to stop people fleeing from the country, many of them heading to Europe as refugees.




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3 Responses to “U.N. estimates 300,000-400,000 enslaved in Eritrea”

  1. Alem

    If there is any change coming to Eritrea, it is NOT because the unelected dictator ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his mercenaries wanted too, but because of the shear pressure from our DELEYTI FTHI Eritrean brothers and sisters all over the world.
    It seems in 2016 the criminal tyrant ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal regime emboldened by blood money from Saudi Arabia (leasing Assab for mercenaries) and blood money from the gold mining and trying to put this innocent and brave face to the world, but inside the decaying criminal and his regime is crumbling down and lets not forget this is a ruthless cold blooded regime.
    1- Thirteen of our Eritrean youngsters gunned down in the center of our capital Asmara in front of their family and friends.
    2-More than 13 of orthodox bishops incarcerated by the criminal regime and no body knows their where about. Our orthodox ABUN is still decaying in the prison cells of the ruthless criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI.
    3- Hundreds of residential houses demolished by the criminal regime and his mercenaries.
    4-The criminal tyrant ISAYAS AFEWORKI, single handedly shuffling his brain dead gutless officials almost on monthly bases like a playing card. (They don’t even know what their position is any more)
    5- The delusional narcissist criminal to cover up his theft, single handedly he changed the currency of Eritrea by decree. Currency is the back bone of the economy and any decision regarding monetary and fiscal policies should studied by the experts (NOT by a delusional murderer) debated by congress/parliament or bayto and legislated by the law makers. Eritrea we got non of that.
    6- Thousands of our brothers and sisters including our hero’s like BITEWEDED ABRHA, HAILE WEDETNSAEA, PETROS SOLOMON, G-15, and our journalists are decaying and dying in the dungeons of the psychopath ISAYAS AFEWORKI.
    7- The worst of all, the cold blooded decaying human garbage ISAYAS AFEWORKI is still ruining our Eritrea.
    8-A concrete evidence came to light that ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal junta are not only cold blooded murderers but petty thief’s, stealing in the amount of more than 700 million and stashing it in Swiss bank.
    9- Between 2013 and 2016 the criminal regime of Isayas Afeworki strangled more than 28 of his sitting duck high ranking officials. (purging of 2016 in progress)
    10- The drug addict cold blooded murderer is flexing his muscle to scrap our ratified 1997 constitution.

  2. Alem

    The COI didn’t refer the Eritrean people or Eritrea to the INTERNATIONAL CRIMNAL COURT (ICC) but rather the unelected junta and ruthless criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his sell out criminal gangsters like YEMANE MONKEY, YEMANE GEBREMESKEL, FOZIA HASHIM, HAGOS KISHA and the rest of the criminals and thieves who collaborated in turning ERITREA into toxic waste land and HELL on earth.
    The solution is not that complicated.
    1-Release all our political Eritrean prisoners. The unelected criminal regime and its kangaroo courts does not have any constitutional right to detain any Eritrean, let alone for years NOT even for a single day.
    2- Release our orthodox ABUN immediately.
    3-Release our journalists and give them the right to enlighten and educate our people.
    4- STOP the national SLAVERY immediately. Under the pretext of national security stop enriching the criminal junta by using slave labor. It is a delusional and failed policy and in the name of war, you cant keep on lying to our Eritrean people. ISAYAS AFEWORKI is beating the war drum to keep us on edge and to protect his tyranny because that is what dictators and murderers do.
    5-Stop demolishing residential houses immediately.
    6-Implment the 1997 constitution immediately and hand over power to its right full owner, the Eritrean people.
    That pretty much sums it up and like I said the Eritrean people and the international community NOT asking for much.

  3. Alem

    Here is the COIE report regarding SLAVERY IN ERITREA. (taken from the 26 page report)
    “(h) Permit human rights defenders and independent civil society organizations, including gender-specific organizations, to operate without interference.
    (c) Military/national service 121. The commission further recommends that the Government of Eritrea: (a) Discontinue indefinite military/national service by limiting it to 18 months for all current and future conscripts, as stipulated by the Proclamation on national service; (b) Put an immediate end to torture and ill-treatment, sexual violence and the enslavement of conscripts; (c) Provide conscripts with humane living conditions, including with regard to food, health care and shelter; (d) Cease the practice of using conscripts, detainees and members of the militia and reserve army as forced labour; (e) Establish an independent complaint mechanism for conscripts to raise allegations of ill-treatment and to obtain redress; (f) Ensure that military commanders responsible for human rights abuses are held accountable.
    (d) Arbitrary arrest, detention and enforced disappearances 122. The commission recommends that the Government of Eritrea: (a) Put an end to the practice of arrests and detention carried out without legal basis, and release immediately and unconditionally all those unlawfully and arbitrarily detained; (b) Provide information on the fate and whereabouts of all those deprived of physical liberty; (c) Review all cases of detainees who have been convicted of an offence in judicial or similar proceedings but were not accorded the procedural rights guaranteed in the international instruments to which Eritrea is party; (d) Provide immediately information on all prisoners of war, and release them as soon as possible; (e) Allow access to detainees by legal representatives and family members; (f) Close all secret places of detention; (g) Improve the conditions of detention to bring them into line with international standards and, in particular, ensure access to medical treatment for all detainees; (h) Ensure that solitary confinement remains an exceptional measure of limited duration; (i) Allow independent monitoring of all places of detention with regard to both legality and conditions of detention; (j) Immediately permit unhindered access by independent monitors, including the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and other recognized organizations, to all places of detention, official and unofficial, to

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