Two Hundred Somali Police Recruits Complete AMISOM Training in Baidoa

MOGADISHU (HAN) November 20, 2015. Public Diplomacy & regional Security. Two hundred Somali Police recruits celebrated the completion of three months of training in Baidoa on Tuesday (November17). They will be the first group of trained police officers to be posted in police stations in the Interim South West Administration.

The passing out parade for the trainees was held in the presence of the President of the Interim South West Administration, Shariff Hassan Sheikh Adan, and AMISOM Police Commissioner, Anand Pillay. President Shariff Hassan congratulated the police officers for successfully completing the training.

He told them they would “now have new responsibilities and you will be upholding the law of the land. You are conferred with authority.” He said he had asked commanding officers to immediately deploy the new officers and to fully equip them. The group was, he said, the first batch of police officers for the South West administration.”

The passing out parade was witnessed by government and regional administration officials among them the Federal Minister for Women and Human Rights, Zahra Samatar; AMISOM Chief of Staff, Ambassador Epiphanie Kabushemeye; UNSOM Senior Police Advisor Hans Wanderstein and AMISOM Sector 3 Commander Gabre Mikael Yemane as well as other officials and representatives from the United Nations and international partners.

Ambassador Kabushemeye commended the new police officers for diligence during training and congratulated the Somali Police Force and AMISOM Police for their enormous efforts to reform the Somali Police and regional police forces by mentoring and training Somalis to assume the responsibilities of providing security. MFA




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