Turkey: The proposals from Somaliland is not seen in very rationale eye

Hargeisa (HAN) January 24, 2015 – Public diplomacy and the Horn of Africa Intelligence analyst files. GUEST COLUMNISTS  by: Ahmed Farah afarah. Ahmed Dalal Farah (Wii Waa) Farmer Somaliland Director General Ministry of Aviation. Ahmad_Wiiwaa2


Somaliland people and its Government would like to see an honest brokers and observers to mediate between Somaliland and Somalia, who are open to see the bigger picture for the critical issues that need to be seriously addressed by each party including the most essential juncture of either separating or forging a lasting solution of governing system that is acceptable by the two parties.

It is hypocrite stand taken by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey about the western society’s dishonest views and policies towards the Islamic Religion upon the “Charlie Hebdo attack” in Paris, France by so called Islamic Extremists.

Perhaps, the truth is Mr. Erdogan is desperate to find a leadership edge by acting as if he is going to bring back the “Othman Empire Power” with a strong Islamic religious foundation as his ultimate goal to offset the denial of Turkish Government to become a member of European Union.

Therefore; to demonstrate such a strong Islamic leadership, there are many issues under his radar of the western world that brings in clash with the Turkish policies. A classic example is the excessive “VITO” support of the USA Government and its “Western Allies” to use if at all any Anti-Israel’s issue are brought to the “UN Security Council”. Similarly, if any promoting concept of the formation of “Palestine State” under the leadership of the US Government and its western Allies are there to block.

It is eminent for the Turkish Government under the leadership of President Erdogan to make success Islamic stories among the present crisis prevailing within Islamic Countries including Somalia’s lack of strong government or/and a week/or failed state whereby the western allies have failed to make sustainable peace and security.

However, in the case of political negotiation between Somaliland and Somalia, the Turkish Government is biased with a made up view that one strong Somalia will contribute to strong Islam.

Therefore; the reason why the political negotiation platform extended by the Turkish Government for Somaliland and Somalia has been producing no tangible results in all the last five (5) meetings that were facilitated by them in their own soil is due to the perceived mind set of the Turkish Government when it comes to reaching successful result of the current crisis of Somalia. In another words, the proposals from Somaliland is not seen in very rationale eye because they feel if they seriously address the issue of conflict it will under-mind their overall projected plan of reaching success in Somalia as member of Organization Islamic States (OIC).

Unfortunately, until it has become apparent for the government delegation of Somaliland that Turkish Government is not neutral about the negotiation processes between Somaliland and Somalia. They immediately, requested the international community to expand the negotiation platform to include more “OBSERVERS MEMBER COUNTRIES” from Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Indeed, the last meeting between Somaliland and Somalia was hosted by the Government of Djibouti under the leadership of President Ismail Omer Geeleh to demonstrate his country as another candidate for future facilitation of the negotiation platform between the two parties.

Today, many Somaliland politicians are coming forward to openly criticize the role of the Turkish Government when it comes to being honest facilitators. Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe, the Chairman of the Opposition Party UCID, recently in a tour to mobilize support for his party from Diaspora Somalilanders in UK. He publicly announced the fact that why there is no success of the process is due to the lack of proper technical facilitation by the hosting Turkish Government. As we all know each meeting ended up with some sort of official agreements but never materialized in a practical form of tangible results.

Somaliland people and its Government would like to see an honest brokers and observers to mediate between Somaliland and Somalia, who are open to see the bigger picture for the critical issues that need to be seriously addressed by each party including the most essential juncture of either separating or forging a lasting solution of governing system that is acceptable by the two parties.

Historically, the failed concept of “PAN-SOMALISM” that comprised to bring together the five inhabitant Somali territories that was fostered by the former Somali authorities were hampered by the same members of UN-Security Council” of which their respective countries were an integral part of the “Division of Berlin Wall Conference 1951” that also come from the philosophy partition Africa in 1884.

As result, any party of member country attempting to participate in the process of negotiation between Somaliland and Somalia must look the global picture of developments. After, the collapse of the “Soviet Union” at the end of the “COLD WAR”, in this world there is only one super power and that is United States of America and western NATO allies.

New Political demarcation will only happen, if there is an interest of the west. Therefore, the strategic location of Somaliland and Somalia must be the future architecture to formalize or re-design any political negotiation between Somaliland and Somalia keeping in mind the economic and security interests of the western countries.

Similarly, we must also look back the causes of the past 60 years of Ex-Somalia history. There are reasons that contributed towards the failed state of Somalia today.

Despite, the clan structure of the Somali-Speaking Society, there are differences in inner-culture within the Somalis. People from Somaliland have sustained there cultural and customary governing system until the present time. It is one of the reasons why there is always a political solution to every conflict and governance difference the elite members of the society faces. While in South Somalia, the clan system exist on mere paper but the political interest groups are far more effective and that is why reaching political settlements are always difficult because there are external interest groups that control behind the scene the political actors representing the local interest groups.

Secondly, the role of the external groups always had relationship with southern politicians because of the stubbornness of the northern politician who are more nationalistic with strong negotiation skills. For example, the Arab League under the leadership of Egypt Foreign Policy which was geared toward the protection of the “Nile Water” had maintained hostility towards the Governments of Ethiopia by supporting the military might of Somali Government.

Finally, the new generation in the Horn of Africa sees it differently. Why the children and the people of the Arab world continue to enjoy stable and prosperous life, study proper education, access proper health and engage legal economic activities. While the children of Somali-Speaking Societies have been engaged war in all the different territories. Consistent war with neighbouring countries of Ethiopia and Kenya as soldiers with no proper education, families dwelling under poverty conditions and cannot enjoy the wealth and resources of their nations in peaceful manner.

GUEST COLUMNISTS  Ahmed Farah afarah Email at: abc@yahoo.com

Photo: Somaliland leader arrived peacefully in Lasanod on Official visit Wednesday.

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6 Responses to “Turkey: The proposals from Somaliland is not seen in very rationale eye”

  1. axmed

    axmed ,how many michin did you chew in the process of writing this maqyal opinion.calm down and seek treatment for your qat addiction rambling. good luck.

  2. Isadora

    I respect Somaliland’s desire for government that is not reliant on the pressures from outside influence. I am sure that many respect Turkey’s influence, presence and investment in the region. I don’t disregard their influence at all. I just think that Somaliland should continue to try to be as autonomous as possible and prove to the world what can be done in this very volatile part of the world. I admit I’m not a fan of Erdogan and his vitriol towards the US is rude, annoying and just plain belligerent. But Somali is an Islamic country so I suspect there won’t be much love from them directed at the good people of America that just wish peace and domestic tranquility to Somalia.
    I suspect that Somaliland will meet much resistance from those that do not wish it to be strong and independent. But I will pray for Somaliland to be blessed with the presence of the angels and the protections of the spirit. Use the shield, not the sword and pray for wisdom and discernment. I will pray for Somaliland.

  3. Infact Somaliland is independent country no one can deny that.because it mananged every problem among somalilanders. Free and fair elections occurred many time in somaliland.let me tell u what is going on Somalia somali government do brutal actions in lower sh.beele region because there is no government except hawiye clan. Military police and are predominately hawiye.they commited many crimes and genocide against Biimaal they said u have to go Hargeysa and itobia because your father originally came from there.no one is able to unite Galkacyo because it has a border hobyo also has a border people not able to go where they want.please i beg u dear brothers be one Somaliland but not Somalia.God bless Somaliland I am sure that one day Somaliland will be like USA.

  4. Somaliland is part of the Federal Government of Somalia period. We(Somalia) and International Community will never ever recognize you as an independent state. I suggest to so called Somalilander to wake up from the fantasy dream and eat a piece of reality cake.

  5. qays

    I pray for one Somalia. Am a Kenyan Somali but everyday in my life I pray for unity among our people. Somaliland I respect and embrace ur survival since Somalia came to its feet. We are the new generation we pray and wish to keep what our ancestors brought together let not evil minded decide for our future. Whether am in Somaliland or Somalia am stil home please unite us please for the new generation sake for Somalia n not to clanism. I pray to Allah that the current leaders and future leaders see beyond clanism nepotism and judge everyone by their capability for the good of our nations. I also pray that Somalia respects Somaliland and acknowledge that it survived for 24 years, years Somalia was killing itself I pray that we get that leader who will unite us and bring prosperity to us. I am a Somali and that is what my tribe and clan is say no to clanism n say yes to Somalism.

  6. roble

    Somaliland will get what it wants thru the barrel of gun as before and the south will retreat to its misfortune of past 20 yrs. Mogadishu will neva learn and neva work for peace and the so called int’l donors won’t sustain thm for eva. Mogadishu is only proud and belligerent when it gets 2 day’s peace.Somaliland should neva talk to thm again and prepare for all out war.

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