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Tour De Eritrea

Asmara (HAN) April 19, 2016 GEESKA Sports. Following two competitions in the Northern Red Sea Region, the Tour of Eritrea 2016 started today 19 April form Barentu to Tesenei with the victory of the Eritrean rider Yonatan Hailu from Team Salina.

The route covered 112 kilometers and was held on almost flat land and it took the riders 2 hours and 48 minutes to reach Tesenei riding 41.55 per hour.

In today’s race, an Italian rider Paolo Leonardo was named best foreign rider, Rwandan rider Joseph Aroruia, the best sprinter and the Eritrean rider Yonatan Hailu won the yellow jersey for best time and best under 23 rider.

At national level, the Rwandan national team is leading the second positioned Eritrean team by 21 seconds.

It is to be recalled that at the first and second classic races held in the Northern Red Sea Region, namely the “NRS Fenkil Challenge” and “Massawa Circuit”, Eritrean riders Michael Habtom from Team Salina and member of the Eritrean national cycling team Tesfom Okbamariam were winners of the races respectively.




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