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Ethiopia: Tigray military build up unacceptable (Archive)

March 7,2019. Archive. Amhara Regional State Council is holding its 12th regular congress in Bahir Dar starting Wednesday March 6. It will go on until Friday March 9, 2019.

Seemingly among the issues discussed today was the preparation for war on the part of leaders in Tigray.

According to report by Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA), the Amhara regional state said provocation and aggression that leads brotherly peoples of Amhara and Tigray to a state of conflict and war is not acceptable.

The region’s Communication’s Affair’s Head, Asemahegne Asres, had a press conference today regarding the congress in which he said that Amhara regional regional council discussed in depth security situation in connection with Tigray regional state.

Noting longstanding historical, cultural and religious relations as well as contributions of the two people in building Ethiopia, the region’s council underscored that there is no difference or grudge between people in Amhara and Tigray that could lead to war.

The regional council, according to Asemahegne Asres, condemned what it called “some” who working to bring about war between the two people which it says is unacceptable.

The region council squarely placed the blame for war mobilization and military build up on Tigray region leaders who lost plundered Ethiopia and lost power.
Amhara regional administration, said the council, believe that the peace loving people of Tigray will not silently see those leaders who are preparing Tigray for war and move to cause war.

As well, council said that Tigray region leaders are mobilizing for war and called up on them to stop military buildup near areas adjacent to Amhara regional state.

Within Amhara regional state, the council sternly warned against any aggressive moves that could threaten the people of Tigray and that such moves do not align with the peace loving people of Amhara.






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