The US stock Market ‘Will Get Crushed’ – Africa Impact

New York (Yahoo Finance Clip) December 4th, 2019. Regional Financial institution and Global assets. Influential bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach, the CEO of $150 billion DoubleLine Capital, sees a scenario where U.S. stocks get crushed in the next recession — and likely won’t recover for quite some time to come.

Even with Wall Street benchmarks just days removed from new record highs, the bearish investor declared that “the pattern of the United States outperforming the rest the world has already come to an end.” 

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo Finance, Gundlach noted that 2019 was one of the “easiest” years ever for investors in “just about anything… Just throw a dart, and you’re up 15-20%, not just the United States, but global stocks as well.”   Follow Yahoo Finance – Full Report (Yahoo Finance) by. Julia La Roche

Pic: Influential bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach,




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