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The ruthless old men said to advice al-Shabaab militants

Terror group al-Shabaab has chosen a group elders who will be responsible for running its affairs.

The old men will act as advisors and counsels for the militant group.Militant group al-Shabaab has appointed a group old men who will run the affairs of the notorious terror group.

The militant group al-Shabaab on Tuesday, October 4, announced it had chosen a council of elders in an undisclosed town in Bay region of Somalia.

The unveiling of the council of elders was under the supervision of senior militant commanders.

The appointment of the elders to run the militant group comes after deaths of several influential leaders left a power vacuum.

The old men, according to reports are retired fighters and former jihadist members.

Others who form the council of elders are former members of the Islamic court which once controlled large parts of Somalia.

The terror group has carried out several attacks in Kenya including the Garissa University College attack.

The Garrisa University attack which occurred in 2015 was one of Kenya’s most bloodiest terror attacks.

The militant group raided the university at dawn killing  148 people dead of which 142 were students.



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