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Ethiopia nuclear power plant

The Rise of Nuclear Energy in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: House of People’s Representatives in its 6th year 5th regular session held yesterday has approved two important bills. The House has approved a bill referred to the Foreign Affairs and Peace Standing Committee on the agreement signed between Ethiopia and Russia to cooperate in the areas of the use of Nuclear Energy for peaceful purposes. During the session, Dr. Negeri Lencho, Chairman of the Standing Committee, said that the agreement was in adherence with the International Atomic Energy Agency and will contribute to strengthen knowledge sharing experiences between the two countries while ensuring intellectual property protection.
The second bill the House approved was a bill referred by the House to the Legal, Justice and Democratic Affairs Standing Committee on regulating and designing a legal framework and regulating the relationship with regard to the self-rule and shared-rule between Ethiopia’s ten Regional States of and the Federal government. According to Abu Brki, Chairman of the Legal, Justice and Democratic Affairs Standing Committee, the bill will ensure sustainable peace among the federal and regional governments as well as to ensure the continuation of economic and social development.






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