The Need To Organize The Union Army For The Salvation of Ethiopia!!

The need to organize and build a union army from the majority ethnic group of Oromo and Amhara those inhabits much area of the Ethiopian state is crucial for the survival of the state. The two ethnic groups together with other ethnic group have founded the oldest nation in the east African region and defended it from foreign adversaries for millionea. Ethiopia is the oldest nation ever that it was defended by the gallant Oromo, Amhara and other Ethiopian warriors. But as this moment the oldest nation is at the cross –road and at the verge of destabilization, due to the minority Tigriyans that assume state power for the last twenty-five years. This ethnic group since it assume state power, marginalized the rest of ethnic groups especially the major groups the Oromos and the Amharas that constitute 40% and 30% respectively of the total population of the country. That means ,6% of the minority tigriyans ruling the 70% and 24% of the Ethiopian population by iron fist, never seen and exist in the history of the world never ,such a smallest proportion over the majority.
The minority group by disbanding the former armed forces of the country ,the Ground force , the Air force and the Navy which had been founded and organized in somewhere between 70-80 years ago ,replaced it by its peasant militia . This was a devastating blow and a huge lose for the people of Ethiopia that the most cable ,experienced fighting force that was led by the most talented and educuated,experienced generals,colenels,capitains,leuftenants and even sergeants of extra ordinary men and women from every walk of the country. The minority ethnic group has inflict untold proportion of misery and crime against the former armed forces and their family, which was called Africa’s best army equipped with the most sophisticated military arsenals and defended Ethiopia for so many years ,from north to the south and from east to the west of that land. The Tigriyan minority group is a traitor in absolute sense of the term and a fret for the survival of Ethiopia because; they disbanded modern institution that the country had. I say they are definitely traitors, because, they dismantled the tow traditional religious institutions the orthodox and the Muslim religious practices and value which were the pillars of the country.
By dismantling the above main institutions and imposing apartheid type rule against the rest of Ethiopian people, now the minority group controls the economy, the military, the security apparatus and etc. and still holds political power in this counry.Because of the minority Tigran group’s ignorance and stupidity and lack of knowledge of the strategic geo political importance of the red sea ,they somoozly handed over the country’s out let to Eritrea and effectively land locked Ethiopia for good which coasts off the people of Ethiopia billions of dollars per year. Now the traditional Christian Ethiopians and the traditional Muslim Ethiopians are encircled by the red sea coastal reginal, states such as Somalia ,Djibouti, in the east Eritrea in north and the Sudan in north west which are members of the Arab league except Eritrea for now.
Hence, as it’s known, the horn of Africa is one of the most geo -strategic regions in the world due to its location along the Bab-el-Mandeb strait that connects the Gulf of Aden with the red sea. The Bab-el- Mandeb is one of the two maritime check points or the other being the Suez-Canals that connects Europe with south, southeast, and East Asia. Because of its importance for trade-route, the strait is compacted or crowded with the Great Powers navies and maritime ships over the past decade ostensibly to “combat piracy”. What was happening was that the US was trying to militarize the waterway under the auspices of countering Somali pirates, but the fact is to expand its military presence in the region. The US has anti-terrorism facilities and surveillance in Djbuti right there at the coast. Not only the US, but other world powers also have scrambled their navies and ships ,along the strait to obtain some control over the region.France,the UK, Japan along with US and on the other side,China,Russia India and Iran siald their navies on this strategic region to see and inspect the presence of Nato.
On the other side the coastal regional states also have geo politicl,and economic interests there. For instance, Israel has indefinite time of interest and objective over the water way. She has an absolute control over the trade route from the southern corridor of the red sea(Bab-el-Mandeb) to the northern corridor (Su eiz-cnal) that connects to the port of Aquaba.
The importance of the Bab-el-Mandeb’ can be seen and felt during the Yemeni revolution, that coasts off the Americans and the Saudis installed government in early 2015 ,which dramatically led the US having to evacuate its military personnel from the country. Due to this situation, the US can’t fully control the Bab-el- Mandeb and this in turn produced the Saudi-Arabia’s strategic panic to decide a fateful and ill-planned invasion on Yemen. The Saudis and their allies succeeded in blockading the Yemeni coast and conquering Aden, thus controlling the territory in this ultra-strategic region. But to make sure that they indefinitely retain control there, Saudi Arabia and its allies decided to jump the “pond” to the horn of Africa, which is Eritrea and made a contract deal in the area of services.
There for in this case Eritrea is envisioned as being the Gulf’s “ back up Yemen’’ a friendly territory, under its proxy influence from which punitive measure can be launched against the people of Yemen. So the Saudi Arabia and its Allies action in Eritrea is double insurance just in case if something is happened and to strengthen their holdings there in Yemen. They just create this rear “guard” supply and logistic facility. There for it’s appropriate at this time to watch and inspect all international military forces currently present along the horn of Africa. The Saudis and the Emirates have a naval presence in Eritrea and the UAE is seeking to open a naval base in Berbera along the northern coast of Somalia in the breakaway Somali land region. From this we can see the continental African interest that the GULF states seek to preserve through their partnership with Eritrea. For instance if we see Qatar’s geo-political interest and objective, since the tiny emirates ironically leads the regional pack in its preexisting involvement in east Africa, assures the above discussed justfications.Qatar a tiny emirate, depending its financial flex, is suspected of promoting terrorism in east Africa to expand its ultra-extreme Islamic religious ideology ,through supporting different terrorist group which are the foot soldiers of a transitional caliphate project that Qatar and its allies would like to see expand all throughout the central pivot of Afro-Eurasia, the middle east, central Asia, north Africa and east Africa. Even this project dimmed its success since the Russia’s anti-terrorism involvement in Syria; it still remains possible for Qatar and its allies to actualize some aspects of the grand strategy in certain corners of their operational theater, which in this context is the horn of Africa. The main grand strategic interest of the US is, to control and protect gulfs oil reserves and Africa’s newly explored oil fields and abundant mineral resources and a strategic water way route. For that,she is monitoring China’s economic expansion there in Africa.
The Gulf States interest is to obtain and fulfil their future food security need on the one hand, on the other, to fulfil their construction and cheap labor needs in the whole of Africa. There for, the horn of Africa is a permanent conflict zone, in which its people are suffering from war rampage, drought and food shortage. Now let us see what implication dose have or what are the regions crowds mean to our country. If we look in depth, the situation what is happening in the region by any standard is not good for Ethiopia and its neighbors. The above mentioned countries can destabilize the country to protect their respective geo-grand strategy.
The US, ally of the current despotic corrupt tigre group, doesn’t care About the people of Ethiopia as long as its interest through the current terrorist group is being kept .This is a new type of colonizing other sovereign state, without the direct involvement of its military boots. Hence, our country for the last 25 years until now, by any measure is not a sovereign state.Internaly, the country is colonized by the home grown terrorists and on the back by a big power. The big power doesn’t care as long as the Oromo, the Amhara and other Ethiopian sons and daughters are being sent to Somalia, and other war zone of Africa to fight terrorism, die there, and keep their interest without sending their children. The collapse of the Soviet communism, enable the US to flex its hegemony and surplus power upon the world, which made it un- contested super power. And that’s why especially after 9\11 the US African command was established on every corner of Africa. So every African country is affected by the new grand strategy and policy of the US, risking their sovereignty.
In sum the above geo –political and strategic analysis in the horn of Africa helps as to understand how the horn is vulnerable and susubtable to any future conflict. There is no any exception for Ethiopia that she is in a dangerous situation at the present time. The absence of a democratic governance, a divided society, the monopoly of political power by a single minority group and un proportional wealth distribution for 25 years, crated a discontent among the Ethiopian people and reached to the max and people started to up- rise in every corner of the country now a days. The movement that was started by the Ethiopian Muslim brothers and sisters led by the ,cragious,causious and very disciplined religious young leaders four years ago, reached to its highest level now at the present time. The movement is very peaceful and tactic-full by its nature that it didn’t leave any hole for extremists to penetrate in it.Using different methods and tactics, it managed to penetrate deep into the Oromo protest in the whole of Oromia region which is on its nine month now. Our Muslim movement, convincing its fellow Christian piers that it is a just and a peace-full movement, which is the first in its kind in the country’s history, transformed itself into the national movement. The solidarity between the two oldest religions of Ethiopia is immense and historic, that they overcame the sabotage perpetrated against them by the existing evil regime. Even though the minority evil group can manage to weaken and paralyze the orthodox Christian religion by imposing its will and replacing it by its cadres, it can’t penetrate in to the oldest Ethiopian Islamic institution. It’s very hard to tell how much the Ethiopian peaceful Islamic movement’s contribution to the total uprising or the budding peoples revolution as a whole at the moment, but history will judge and tell in the future. The Oromo protest that was started in the Oromo region nine month ago, now reached to the densely Christian populated of historic Gonder followed by Gogam and Wolo of Amhara region making unexpected solidarity and a sence of unity breaking the wall which was built between the two region by the minority group to enable it to prolong its reign over the country as a howle.
Because of the unity of the two major ethnic groups, the minority group got scared and panic started mass murdering innocent peaceful demonstrator, imprisoning, torturing with impunity and rounding up people in over the country, to thwart the uprising. There for, in my opinion the peoples uprising need a military back up. The current army didn’t show a sign of mass deffection,because,it seems to me they are confused they don’t know where to go, in the first place, they are organized on ethnic bases and commanded by the members of a single minority Tigre group from the lower military rank to the higer.Sixty to seventy the so called generals are from one single minority Tigre group where the Oromos,Amharas and others being a foot soldiers of the regime. They call them generals ha; it is amazing none of this, the so called generals qualify a rank of a general by any measure. We have seen all their leader-ship quality, during the Ethio-Eritirea border war that killed more than hundred thousands of Ethiopians. They can’t lead a conventional war. For example during the war one of their general by the name called Tsadkan\G ,came from war zone to his command post and told his staffs crying like a baby, that he got a himulated defeat from the enemy, that he lost thousands of soldiers because of his leader-ship. He should have killed himself in front of his dead bodies, because of his incompetence to lead a war. I just couldn’t understand why our educated academic professors give attention to this incompetence top brass criminal Tigriyan gang who killed many Ethiopians? He is talking about democracy, my god! Give me a break! I strongly sjust him to take some lecture classes from our academic professors about democracy if he could understand them. To me this gay with his friends are nothing but a top brass tigriyan kulaks that forcefully evicted indigenous people of Gambelia and grabed their ancestral land , ok!
So, the people of Oromo, Amhara and other people of Ethiopia are defenseless, they don’t have a defense army of their own. The current army who are members of the Oromo and Amhara are nothing but the foot soldiers of the regime. Hence that’s why I strongly recommend the organization of Oromo and Amhara union army for the salvation of Ethiopia, because, they together constitute the majority of the army. As I tried to indicate in the beginning ,the survival of Ethiopia depends up on these major ethnic groups. It should be clear to everybody that, the absence of one of the two group jeopardizes the existence of Ehiopia.In my opinion, it is not as most people think that the future of the country depends on the minority Tigriyans ,they are only 5% after all.So,the unity of these major ethnic group decides the total stability of the horn of Africa period;. As the renowned academic professor Getachew Begashow sayed ‘’No Ethiopia without Oromo or No Ethiopia without Amhara’’.I agree with him the fact is this. There for again I strongly recommend to build and establish the Oromo and Amhara union army, for the salvation of Ethiopia. For this let me make it clear that this is a general call to the members of the former armed forces including the inteligence,cecurity and to the present armed forces of the Oromo and Amhara,and other Ethiopians, It is our responsibility to come together to help organize the union defense army for our country and people. For sure the Oromo And Amhara,and the Ethiopian people as a whole are vulnerable to the current fascist regime ,they are totally defenseless that they don’t have a defense army of their own.It is Really a historical shame to watch and see our people dying by the bruit forces of the minority Tigre and to see our children being the foot soldier of the regime.I my self being a member of the former armed forces, that I know we have been himulated,demonized,degraded and subjugated by our enemy, but at this critical time I think we have to contribute our skill and experience to the ongoing peoples uprising for survival, against the enemy. Once we agree on the idea of forming and organizing the union army of Oromo and Amhara for the salvation of Ethiopia, the critical job will be to create the command cell or the central command which is the nuclei of the total organization. The strategy and tactics will be laid out latter. It should be clear to all of us that the idea and the main strategy of the union army is to neutralize the minority group from the majority defense force, attack and abolish it for good. When we come to the objectives of the union army, it should be clear and very simple to the Ethiopian people.
1) To requrite ,select and train young Oromo ,Amhara and from other people of Ethiopia ,provide them with the basic military skill.
2) To arm the peasantry and train, and give them a military skill to defend themselves and their community from the Tigre killers and free their locality from the enemy.
3) To help the people’s uprising to succeed to its gall which is to build a democratic Ethiopia where equality, justice and liberty is guaranteed for every citizen.
4) To protect the boundary and integrity of our country
5) To protect people’s constitution if a secular, democratic Christian and a Slamic Ethiopia is founded
6) To help to build a strong military defense composed of
our Christian and Muslim communities, to build
a strong democratic Ethiopia in east Africa.
Nothing else ,period; no interference in the political affair of the people of Ethiopia. There are so many political parties in the country now a days. Politics and military mattes should be separated in the future democratic Ethiopia. IN general we have to think ahead, we don’t know where the peoples up-rising is heading, we have to draw a lesson from Libya and Syria’s up-heavals. Bands of armed groups which are popping in deferent places and regions can jeopardize the up-rising if they are not organized in to one central command. That’s why the union army is needed now.
Ethiopia shall be saved by her children!!Thank-you;
Written by Abraham Dinku:
Former Ethiopian Air-Force member:Leuftenant:
From different magazines, commentaries and
Research documents about geo –politics of
The horn of Africa
The writer can be reached at
7571 Fairland court las vegas Nevada 89113.



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