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The Horn of African Youth of the Year 2018 – Ibrahim Mulushewa

Harar (HAN) January 2019. Ibrahim Mulushewa has become the first ever youth to become The Horn of African Man of the Year, an award which was organized recently by the Geeska Afrika Online (1985-2019) Daily & the Horn of Africa Newsline (HAN). Ibrahim participated many events of development and peace in the Horn Of Africa.

Ibrahim Mulushewa also prepared lectures on Socio-economic problems that exposed the regions youth to extremism and radicalism..

In his speech and lectures, Ibrahim emphasized leadership failure and corruption as some of the major reasons behind youths lost of hope which in turn makes them resolve to violence in the engage in in the Horn of Africa.

In his words, “Corruption is one of the collections of problems and factors that lead people to engage in violence. In order to alleviate the problem regional organizations should engages the Horn of African young people in the local communities to build the values of ethics to enable them fight corruption and destruction of valuable assets in the region.”

He published a book (136 page): – Urban History

The Book “Urban History” about the “Harar Islamic Kingdom” or the Emarate HARAR …. the Harari are one such people who contributed to the heterogeneity of Addis Ababa. Therefore, the present work aims at contributing to the social history of Addis Ababa through a case study of the history of the Harari community from 1917 to 1991 (The end of Amir Nur rule, the sons of Sheikh Abadir). An attempt is also made to assess major developments, in relation to the community, that took place throughout this period. The Harari are one of the ethnic groups of Ethiopia whose independence was brought to an end by Menilek in the late 19th century when he incorporated their hometown (Harar) into his empire.

The story of Ibrahim is a wake-up call for all the people of the Horn of African youths to contribute positively in making their world a better place.

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