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The Government is Taking Every Measure to Ensure no Drought-induced loss of life

ADDIS ABABA (HAN) November 18, 2015. Public Diplomacy & regional Security. The Office of Government Communication Affairs has said that the Government will take every measure possible to avoid any loss of life from the drought that has affected many parts of the country.

The Minister in charge of the Government Communication Affairs Office, Getachew Reda, said in a press release on Monday (November 16) that the Government was increasing the supply of emergency food aid and other support to people living in drought affected areas of the country.

If the situation continued without improvement in the coming months, he said, the Government would if necessary divert funds from developmental projects to protect lives. The Minister said that the Government was currently providing aid from its own resources so far.

It was, of course, ready to work in collaboration with other stakeholders as necessary and welcomed any assistance. The Minister said: “Taking the present reality on the ground into account, there is no chance that the problem will become out of control.

In areas affected by the drought, the government is making determined and relentless efforts to provide aid and protect people from any danger.” He said the procurement of food from abroad has had no negative impact on the country’s foreign currency reserves.

These were, in any case, expected to improve during the second quarter of the year. The Minister said that a recent report by the BBC did not reflect the reality, not least because the Government had put in place a system to follow up the distribution of emergency food aid in all areas. MFA



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One response to “The Government is Taking Every Measure to Ensure no Drought-induced loss of life”

  1. Tesfaye

    My intution as well as reason leave my confident that this gov’t would do its best! So much that, even with some shameless corrupts of my people, no life is lost due to hanger.

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