Asmara (HAN) October 19, 2014. Public diplomacy and Regional security and safety news. Your Comments about The Eritrean ambassador: “We are in a situation of neither war nor peace”, Eritrean ambassador, Hanna Simon Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Eritrea to France Permanent Delegate.

France Journalists giving testimony on how they get attached with the Eritrean refugees problems, but the biggest and fundamental mistake done was to invite the ambassador, according to AFP journalist in Paris.

Ambassador  Mrs Hanna Simon
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Eritrea to France Permanent Delegate

Contact: Permanent Delegation of Eritrea to UNESCO
Ambassade de l’Erythrée
1, rue de Staël
75015 PARIS
Telephone: 33

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  1. No peace with Shabia govt. They need to stop destabilization attempts. Despite Isaias repressive regime, Ethiopia stood by him, until he decided that he could try to oppress as us well. I cannot wait until this country falls apart. Had Eritrea still been part of Ethiopia today, they would be filthy rich

    • You got to be kidding! Eritrea destabilizing the region? Noh, you missing the whole picture of geopolitics the Ethiopian regimes including the current minority thugs and their masters playing card in the region. Please do your homework and come back.

  2. We should address the real problem out internal matter is only addressed internally No one should interfere Eritreans always want to leave in peace and they know what is good for them regarding this we should defend our country The Horn Of Africa cant have peace and stability until & unless Ethiopians accept the the Independence of each country we still remember how they Invade Somali in 2006 so history repeat itself again and again

  3. First the Ambassador look like Somali then we have right to defend our self finally please post my reply as you are doing for others.

  4. I am embarrassed that Hanna Simon was selected as Ambassador to France. She is known in Eritrea as the White Snake and is persoanlly responsible for the disappearance of 7 people. Her intellectual capacity is very limited and her thinking and reasoning are typical of the Eritrean regime masters, whose “argument” does not make sense to anyone outside of the regime cohort. The AFP journalists were right, inviting her to such meetings will not add anything except further confusion. When the regime falls, see where she scurries off to before facing ICCJ.

    • My comment is for Tsega Tesfay.
      Hanna Simon is rightfully the Ambassador of Eritrea to France. i am wondering, do you know Hanna Simon? Do you know her history? Do you even know what was her contribution to Eritrean struggle during the war of liberation against Ethiopia? I am sure while you were enjoying life with your family? She at least the wounds and metal parts she is carrying in her body to prove it. What do you have?
      Please people, before launching vicious accusations against anyone do your research and learn who you are talking about. When you say Hanna “She is known in Eritrea as the White Snake and is persoanlly responsible for the disappearance of 7 people ” Please since you are so knowledgeable tell us who this 7 people are?
      Whom ever you are or whatever your goal when writing this Remarque, you are showing how much uneducated and “white snake” you are to use your own terms. Your hatred to the Eritrean regime is pushing you to personal attacks. Like they say in Ethiopia “Ahyawun ferto Dowlawn”. Have the courage to defend your position intelligently not by smearing peoples name.
      Hanna is extremely deserving, highly intelligent and most of all honest not sneaky like you


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