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The 10th Panel Discussion For Somalia Election 2021: Challenges and Predictions

Mogadishu (HAN), November 25th, 2020. The AGAD2020 Regional Security Watch & Geeska Afrika Online are happy to announce its 10th webinar, a panel discussion on Good Governance and Political Processes in the Horn of Africa.

Foreign election influence operations that capitalize on moments of regional  uncertainty aren’t new in Somali tactical disinformation and corruption led by the Arabian Gulf States to destabilize Somali governance systems.

Geeska Afrika Online panel discussion for the Somalia Elections 2021 and the future of the regional security and stability initiatives.

Somali election 2021 marks another, possibly momentous milestone in the downward trajectory of Somalia’s political and geopolitical economy of recent decades (1969-2020).

This week’s Geeska Afrika Online panel argues that any solution to widespread disinformation in Somalia requires a deeper look at the systemic issues that drive harmful content.

Moderator: The Director, Geopolitical & Regional Maritime Research Council

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Update: On November 01st, 2020, we hosted this year the 9th meeting  Webinar of the Somali Federal system & Federal member states concerns, attended by senior advisors  dialogue team in a partnership with Geeska Afrika Online Panel House: Somali  Council on Global Relations (SCGR) to empower Somali statecraft initiatives. Learn more about the initiative and multilateral relations in the context of the Horn of Africa election initiatives to mitigate regional emerging crises in Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti from the SIRAD Institutes statecraft project initiatives Director Prof. Nour Kaafi.

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