Sudan: Bring Down the Regime that Continues to Shed Blood

Khartoum (HAN) December 28, 2018. Regional Security and Governance Crisis in the Horn of Africa. Sudan demonstrations spread across the northeast African nation this week amid public outcry over soaring food prices and fuel shortages. Police have responded with violence in some parts of the country, killing at least nine people, including five students, according to Amnesty International.

Update: The #cost of some goods in Sudan has more than doubled this year, the BBC reported, as inflation surges to nearly 70 per cent and the exchange rate plummets under recent government-imposed adjustments.

#The government has limited internet access and ordered newspapers to consult the national intelligence service in an attempt to stifle information about the protest, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Sudan’s president Omar Al-Bashir fended off a march by opponents on his presidential palace in the capital, Khartoum, unleashing his #security forces in hopes of putting an end to an Arab Spring-style uprising.

Despite the heavy hand of police, who have reportedly killed at least 37 protesters, Bashir’s response has been feeble. He left the capital ahead of Tuesday’s march on his palace, and he has been fumbling and vague in addressing the economic crisis that prompted the outburst of anger.

But nearly a week of protests has pointed to the weaknesses threatening his 29-year hold on power… Read Full Story (Click)




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