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South Sudan wants to retain 32 states for stability, minister says

A senior South Sudan government official has said the country supports the 32 states governing system, and any moves to increase or decrease them will cause instability.

Speaking at a two-day Igad consultative meeting in Juba on Sunday, Minister for Cabinet Affairs, Dr Martin Elia Lomuro, said; “These states have been established and they are working. We feel that to disrupt this number of states would be a disaster to the country, it will cost not only instability but insecurity. The people of those states are already used to it, they have their own governments.”

The two-day Igad consultative meeting was facilitated by South Africa’s Deputy President David Mabuza and is expected to lead to a final status on the number and boundaries of states.   

In October, Dr Elia revealed that the creation of the 32 states was a political move to counter the SPLM-IO’s suggestion of 21 states.

When South Sudan gained Independence from Sudan in 2011, it had 10 states. In 2015, during peace talks in Ethiopia, the SPLM-IO proposed 21 federal states, based the old districts created by the British colonial administration. The government strongly opposed this move.



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