Hargeisa (HAN) September 5, 2014 – Public Diplomacy and Diaspora approach news. The Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Bihi Yonis contributed to Geeska Afrika Online, regional security and diplomatic reports with stories on a IGAD foreign policy issues and Somalia-Somaliland relations, and was a guest contributor on regional defense and Security news programs, contributing, Sudan and the  Horn of African humanitarian issues.

According to mr. Bihi, Somaliland meets the established criteria for recognition as a state with IGAD zone in the Horn of Africa, a region comprising Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Yemen — has proved to be one of the world’s most vexing trouble spots for the last 50 years. Cold War rivalries, civil war and tribal conflict have produced staggering humanitarian suffering and a dangerous breeding ground for terror.

While the world’s attention has focused largely on Somalia as the source for much of this instability, there is a good news story in the Horn of Africa that goes largely unnoticed: Somaliland.

To quote a 2001 report by the Brenthurst Foundation, “At a time when ‘ungoverned spaces’ have emerged as a major source of global concern… it is deeply ironic that the international community should deny itself the opportunity to extend the reach of global governance in a way that would be beneficial both to itself, and to the people of Somaliland.” Far from undermining security, recognition of Somaliland would enhance state capacity and strengthen regional stability.

Somaliland meets the established criteria for recognition as a state. It has a permanent population, a defined territory, a functioning government and capacity to enter into relations with other states in the international community. Its achievements have won widespread praise and its case for recognition has been favourably assessed by the African Union Commission, the conflict prevention NGO International Crisis Group as well as the security and development policy think tank The Senlis Council.

The present Government came to power following elections on 26 June 2010. The Government is formed from the Kulmiye Party which was previously in opposition.


Sectarian tensions and militant ideology are simmering and increasingly spilling over into Kenya, Ethiopia and Somaliland. Which actors are maneuvering for position in Southern Somalia? What role has Al-Shabaab supporters played and has it been weakened as some have asserted? How successful is the Somali Federal government attempt to destabilize the Somailand tribal diaspora affiliates in Somaliland? How serious is the Al-Shabaab elements presence in the Horn of Africa? What further jockeying will take place in the lead up to the Somaliland elections in 2015?

  • Somaliland Community in Ottawa are pleased to host Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Bihi Yonis, who will address these timely questions:

City of Ottawa Theater: Professionally managed and operated and volunteer supported, Centrepointe Theatre is a world-class venue with a warm, intimate atmosphere. Artists love to play here, and guests feel right at home. With almost 1, 000 seats in the main theatre, it’s the second-largest theatre in the National Capital Region.


100 Centrepoint Theater Ottawa,ON:

This Sunday, 7th September, 2014 at 6: 00 PM

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  1. Mr. Bixi is nothing more than the one of The Little Men Who pander to Norwegian BIG MEN of OIL.. Watch The” MOVIE BIG MEN” to make sense of what I am talking about.

  2. Mr. Bixi is nothing more than one of The Little Men Who pander to Norwegian BIG MEN of OIL.. Watch The” MOVIE BIG MEN” to make sense of what I am talking about.


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