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Somaliland Recognition comes up at the European Parliament

Brussels (HAN) December 20, 2014 – Public diplomacy and Regional historical background Security news. The European Parliament adopted a resolution supporting Palestinian statehood in principle on Wednesday in a compromise motion, while Britain’s UKIP member of EU parliament,  James Carver proposed Somaliland recognition to be next.

Once again the recognition of Somaliland is raised at the European Parliament who were at time busy endorsing a motion recognizing the Palestinian Statehood in principle with 498 votes out of 586 endorsing it in Brussels on Wednesday the 17th of December 2014 .

Britain’s UKIP member namely James Carver forcefully asked the European Parliament to recognize another Islamic state namely Somaliland. Further, a second member of the UKIP namely its leader, honorable Nigel Farage also stood up once again insisting British Somaliland also deserves recognition.

These political incidental events are undeniably amplifying the steadily increasing British parliamentarian demand for the statehood of Somaliland.

Somaliland has already declared independence from Somalia in 1991 and is currently seeking international recognition through its Diaspora community’s influences in Europe, Australia and England.


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One response to “Somaliland Recognition comes up at the European Parliament”

  1. I am very proud of to see Somaliland to be one of the African countries , in the world and Arab countries. Somalilnand is peace place and democratic country.But I dont believe there is A government in Somalia , because trabilism,luck of justice,pirates, terrorist, luck of freedom exist and will always exist , b/c Hawiye clan predominately captured everything they dont wanna see Somalia government functioning in the short term or in the future.the president of Somalia played our dignity and he is responsible every brutal action occurring in (Lower Shabelle) Somali government troops predominately is Hawiye clan they committed Human right violation killing kids, women, elders, rape against the innocent people in Marka and all lower shabele region.please dear brothers in Somaliland be strong never allow to be one country. Do not make an other mistake like 1960. Right now Somali people and its government hate well development somlailnd they see like their envy ,but i know you love to see Somali people in a peace and progress.God bless Somaliland God bless Europe.

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