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Somaliland: Just replace ‘M’ with ‘W

Somaliland: Just replace ‘M’ with ‘W

OTTAWA (HAN) May 4. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. Are there similarities in Siilanyo’s Administration of 2016 with what led to collapse the doomed 202BC Han Dynasty of China? Yes indeed!

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The similitude here is this:

The emperor of Han dynasty of 202BC of ancient China was the head of the government

  • He acted upon all written laws and manipulated as he saw fit.
  • He serviced as the commander-in-chief of the army forces and Presided.
  • He served as the chief executive official.
  • He used to appoint all government officials.5)
  • All the revenues and every thing of monetary values used to go to his house. 6)
  • In a second level of power the emperor’s executive powers was practiced by some officials upon whom he might conferred or not conferred the staff of authority.
  • These powers were extensive as they could execute that power with out the emperor’s knowledge or permission!
  • In a third level of powerful persons, there was an empress called She could either be the emperor’s actual or symbolic Mother
  • She was in practice more powerful than the emperor him self as she could over ride his decisions and his appointments of government positions (Ref: Wikipedia)
  • In other words there were three levels who were practicing executive power,
    there are many similarities regarding the spread of powers in Siilanyo’s wicked administration and the structure of Han Dynasty. Just replace ‘M’ with ‘W’- (Mother with Wife) and the similarities are there!


Summary of facts:

The political and other factors which lead the fall of the Han Dynasty were:
a) Corruption
b) more cooks in the kitchen.

  1. c) three levels of executive powers
    d) wrong people exercised executive powers
    e) Unchecked and unqualified appointees
    f) Disregard and disrespect of the law of the land which in the end led to its downfall, i.e. Powers of the Emperor+ Powers of the family+ powers of the close people of the family got too powerful and too spread. They held too much official and unofficial power and odiously they were very corrupted. That led the downfall of that Dynasty. Is Somaliland there or just on theway there?! Just asking!

“Unchecked and unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it” (William Pitt PM of Britain)

“Unchecked and unlimited foolishness and shamelessness corrupts the minds of those who possess them”, may I say?

However peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead

Political analyst Ottawa, Canada



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