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Somaliland: I was Born in Germany and Back to Hargeisa

HARGEISA (HAN) February 13, 2016 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. Opinion By: Somali faces. I was born in Germany and went back to Hargeisa recently for the first time with my family to explore our Somali culture and the people. A few days after touching down at Berbera airport. On our way to Hargeisa, we got into a nasty car accident. It happened at an area known for most fatal car accidents and is in the middle of nowhere. Heavily wounded, I was quickly brought to this village nearby, however, they didn’t have any medical facilities but they tried their best to clean me up. My father arrived shortly with help and I was then rushed to Edna hospital in Hargeisa and was hospitalised for 2 full weeks.

You know that feeling when nothing else matters and you are grateful just to be alive and be surrounded by your loved ones. I was encouraged to go back to Germany for better medical treatment but I refused, for I haven’t seen my homeland properly and I had faith in their medical abilities. After they fixed me, it proved to be one of my best holidays. Three years later, I went back with my twin sister.”

“So what was your the weirdest encounter after you recovered?”
“Convincing the youth back home that it’s perfectly okay and an acceptable norm in Europe for both married couples to work to contribute to the household.”
The final Comment form Yusuf Dahir, “Masha Allah very proud of you”
Mohamed Ali Abokor also added his comments through Geeska Afrika Online, “Go east and Go west home is the best, it is a great pleasure and opportunity to you visiting your home land,getting and acquiring many knowledge related how your folks around the globe lives. and i am sure that many Somali Diaspora will came back and reach one day in to their lovely homelands, so well done sister”




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