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Somaliland: Ethiopian aviation security and terror alerts

Hargeisa (HAN) October 2, 2014. Public diplomacy and aviation security news. According to Jamal Abiib, Geeska Afrika Online security reporter, Somaliland security and aviation experts offers,  thorough review of recent aviation-related terrorist plots, subsequent mitigation strategies, and current terrorist intentions and capabilities dealing with commercial aviation in the Horn of Africa. It concludes by offering a number of security steps which  aviation experts can take to reduce the terrorist threat to commercial aviation in Somaliland.

For practical aviation security: predicting and preventing measures approach in somaliland,  Federal Ethiopian State Minister for Foreign Affairs Berhane Gebre Kiristo met with the Somaliland Minister for Civil Aviation, Mohamoud Hashi Abdi in Addis Ababa.

The two ministers discussed about the ties of Ethiopia and Somaliland, the security in the Horn of Africa, trade, the fight against terror and the continuation of the passenger flights to and fro either of the countries.  Berhane Gebre Kiristo said the Ethiopian government will strengthen the ties of the two countries. Ethiopian State Minister for Foreign Affairs Berhane Gebre Kiristo added that the Ethiopian government is prioritising the security in the Horn of Africa, and the fight against Al-shabaab. Ethiopian State Minister for Foreign Affairs Berhane  also said the Ethiopian government will play an important role in the improvement of peace, security and the development of the region.

Therefore, despite government efforts to improve aviation and Barbara port security, a number of critical tactical threats remain in Somaliland, according to KBI Empower Group for regional security consultant and threats assessment firm. The magnitude of  vulnerability is compounded because airports and ports employees working in secure areas do not undergo security screening prior to entering their workspace due to practical regional social constraints.


Photo: State Minister Ambassador Berhane Gebre-Christos met with Mr. Mohammed Hashid Abdi, Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport of Somaliland

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