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Somaliland: An Open Letter to the President Siilaanyo Part II

Hargeisa (HAN) December 25, 2014 – Public diplomacy, Aviation security and Open Letter to the President of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Siilaanyo) Part II. By. Ahmed Dalal Farah (Wii Waa)


Again, the Somalilanders are deeply worried about the current course of the country-Somaliland and the lack of credible scenarios for the future. These Aviation strategies are unsustainable in the long run in Somaliland.

PROPOSED STRATEGY AND VISIBLE PLAN B: Expand existing security pact with the Government of Ethiopia to include aviation sector and prepare a detailed “Bilateral Aviation Service Agreement (BSA) to delegate Ethiopia Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) to manage as an outsourced services similar to what the Government of Djibouti has with them.


Your Excellency, as the head of the state, it is your constitutional responsibility to closely monitor and evaluate the performance of your ministries. In this particular case Ministers of Civil Aviation and Air transport had made many local achievements such as beautification of the local Egal Airport Terminals, which I believe are lowe level management duties and responsibilities. But because he is ‘Micro-Manager’ he is spending more time in the day-day- activities of local matters. Such as maintenance of buildings, staff management (Hiring & Firing), financial activities (Revenue and disbursements). Unfortunately all the high level policy issues are not attended and you see every time the minster is reacting to the actions of his counter past from FGoS.

Minister Mohamoud Hashi is a good local politicians, who spend time with clans and clan members, he is a political animal and he spends more time in the Presidency politics. Therefore he is in the wrong sector for him to be administering a Technical and Economical Sector that needs strategies to understand international policies and regulations.

You’re Excellence from July 07, 2011 after the official Agreement with FGoS to relocate the overall aviation management and control by jointly administer the aviation Sector; he paid no interest to be a pro-active figure in communicating with UNDP/ICAO and UNSRG (Nicholas Kay) to officially table the joint communiqué in order to revoke existing UN-Resolution 945 mandated UNDP/ICAO to manage EX-Somalia Air Space (See Copy of the Agreement).

  • Progress Report on Aviation Security

Your Excellency, since 2008 the Her Majesty the United Kingdom Government (UK), in particular, the “Foreign Common Wealth Office (FCO) have been technical and financially assistance this ministry. They provided training programme for 60 young graduates and overall Airport staff in order to upgrade our aviation security. Similarly, they have procured more than UK 800,000 Pound of Airport Security Screening Equipment and x-ray Machines.


  • Transformation of the Aviation Sector:

The FCO senior government representatives had long discussions and consultations with the Minister and the DG to examine the future sustainability and durability of theses donated aviation security equipment and trained staff. It became imperative to undertake a bold and brave decision by minister to agree the entire transformation of aviation sector. On the basis of that you have issued “A Presidential Degree” instructing the minister and other government institutions to undertake this crucial decision.

  • Your Excellency, the former “Deputy Head of Mission UK-FCO Addis Ababa Embassy Mr. Chris Allen” had managed to convinced his Ambassador and the Government of UK that transformation is imminent for the success of the improved and enhanced Aviation Security of Somaliland.


  • Your Excellency, more then 3 to 5 international aviation experts in different fields were hired by the FCO to undertake the preparation of first Somaliland Civil Aviation Act (SL-CAA). It took more 2 years to legally put together all the aspects of the act in terms of rules, and regulations of management, financial and governing body. Today the Act has been passed by the cabinet of ministries and submitted to the Parliament for ratification.


  • Your Excellency, it is unfortunate, that the Minister has unilaterally, dismantled the strong bricks of Somaliland Aviation Sector we built together with UK-FCO. The minister had replaced many bright security screening operators with family members of the parliamentarians in order to buy out their vote. As a concerned citizen, I have even heard the “Wind Mills” that we have secured funding from USAID are not yet operating after technically certifying more than a year ago.


  • Your Excellency, the Presidential election is approaching and it is less than 7 months many issues will be directly addressed to you even though your appointed ministries are responsible. Therefore, I am giving in advance certain points to be careful. For Example, the proposed SL-Civil Aviation Act (CAA) is a national bill you need to make sure it is not politicized. I am already hearing through the grape veins that position of “Director General (DG) as the original requirement and qualification were that it will be advertised just like you did for Hargeisa Electricity Agency Managing Position to the public and who ever meets the requirements will be selected by the Board of Directors who will then submit to you to appoint him/her for a FIVE (5) YEAR TERM. Unfortunately, the minister is planning to appoint someone from USA Diaspora belonging to “SAMAROON CLAN” as per the close source to the presidency.



Your Excellency, the Minister have recently issued over-flight and landing permission to subsidiary airline called FLYDUBAI, which is owned by Emirate Airline a stiff competitor with Ethiopian Airline and also refused to take Somaliland permission because they only recognize Federal Government of Somalia (FGoS) as the sovereign state that has full authority to control and manage the overall Ex- Somalia (Somaliland/Somalia) Air Space. On the other hand, the minister is keeping under his desk a formal “INVESTMENT PROPOSAL FROM ETHIOPIAN AILINES” for the past year and half for no reason. This is contra-policy of the regional cooperation that you as a leader you have been promoting in order to gain and win the hearts and minds of the Government of Ethiopia and it commercial community to use the port of Berbera and its corridor.

The minister never see the big picture, from the diplomatic responses of Ethiopian Airlines and Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority management ever time he requests provisions of training including pilots when he is excluding Ethiopian Airlines from concession to partner with us..

  • Airport Management

Ethiopian Airlines senior management have proposed the upgrading and capacity building of our aviation including making a joint venture with the Government of Somaliland for the improvement and enhancement of Hargeisa (Egal) International Airport’s present status to an international standards and ICAO complaint. Also make “Berbera (Boodhari) International Airport as a major “CARGO VILLAGE & TRANSIT HUBB” to fly and delivery cargo to other African airports, whereby Ethiopian Airline have maximized their allowed operation by creating a joint venture discount airline with the Government of Somaliland that can be used a Somaliland Flag Carrier. This is the new pattern of the major African Airlines to re-gain the 80% aviation business presently under non-African operators including Emirates, Qartar and Turkish Airlines.

Despite, the image, that Fly-Dubai brings to create an international status, we must also see that it is going to kill the existing operation of the long veteran airlines currently operated by Somaliland Operators namely, DAALLO, African and Jubba Airlines.

Therefore, in an election era, it is going to be difficult to secure support of all the segments that are affected by the implementation of such policy by the minister. However, if you are concerned with all the abovementioned issues, it is a high time to review and make a recourse to at least some of the serious damges made such the enforcement of strict aviation rules that are unique for the Somaliland passengers which will be difficult for FLY-DUBAI to accept. Furthermore, invite senior management of

Ethiopian Airlines to study their investment proposal and the long term plan they envisage for the aviation sector of Somaliland.

  1. Other Important Government Developments

TRANSSHIPMENT TRADE AGREEMENT WITH ETHIOPIA: It was a golden opportunity to see that such a high level ministerial delegation from the Government of Ethiopia were visiting Somaliland last month in order to elevate the importance of the transshipment trade plans the Government of Ethiopia has to undertake by diverting 30% of their national imports/export to the commercial port of Berbers.

Perhaps, the ordinary people will always applaud for the results. However, what is important for you as the head of the state and during the election period to ensure that potential economic development programme must be given a priority. Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Trade and International Investment of Somaliland have had more than 3 ½ years to really materialize and they have failed you because, by now more youth would have been employed and the threat illegal migration could have been reversed.

The office of Maritimes of Ethiopia in our DG meeting held in Hargeisa in 2012 at Ambassador Hotel mentioned that approximately, if all the aspects of the transshipment trade agreement is agreed between government representative, the daily estimated transportation in/out-flow are 600 trucks with trailers.

Finally, the last focal point Ethiopian Foreign Department Mr. Daliila said, Somaliland Government cannot cope up with equal Bi-Lateral Agreement. But Similar to what the Government of Djibouti negotiated and have signed with Ethiopia must be what you should also negotiate and that is “SPECIAL TRADE AGREEMENT” .

  1. Equal Opportunities for Somaliland Citizen

Perhaps, the first Lady is the right person to remember what “Riyale Administration” has done by denying her an opportunity to become “Head of the CARE Somalia/Somaliland office in 2009. Today, it is unfortunate; you ministries are using techniques that are indirectly similar to what Mrs. Amina Jirde faced. Twice, I faced the lack of support for seeking both UN and Government of Somaliland position because the ministries responsible feel if they support me some that was fired by H/E the President that they are making mistakes and they have denied me the equal opportunity for my own country. Please see what policies can be implemented to government staff looking for opportunities by your appointed ministries.


Ahmed Dalal Farah (WiiWaa)

If you are an author, analyst or researcher with experience and time spent working in Somaliland and wish to add your name and signature to this letter, please email


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5 Responses to “Somaliland: An Open Letter to the President Siilaanyo Part II”

  1. Dr.Hirsi Osman

    Well done, support to the vision of the writer.

  2. cimran

    the headline of the article does relate to the article. From what I understood from the article he is a dis grunted ex employee. Is that right.? AS a citizen and a customer I like to see competition . Besides eithipian Airline is a capable company and can take care of itself. I don’t think this dude should put our laundry out there like this.

  3. Kayse

    Ahmed Dallal is the former Director-general of Somaliland’s ministry of aviation. President Silanyo should not even waste a second reading his non-sense. However, we should ask Mr Dallal how much Ethiopian Airlines paid him.

    We welcome FlyDubai’s entry to our market and we give no BS about EA. Our people deserve better and we should not forget the hundreds that EA left stranded in Hargeysa that had to take a bus to Jigjiga. Is that what we want?

    Mr. Dallal is very naive and equally delusional. Ethiopia does not recognise Somaliland like UAE but at least Dubai can relate to self rule (Emirate).

    It’s important to point iut we have far more interest in the UAE than Ethiopia. What do we get from Ethiopia other than khat and beggars? How much of our essential imports are from Dubai?

    Mr. Dallal was dismissed and his opinions/suggestions should be too.

    I don’t care about his beef with minister Mohamud Hadhi.

  4. Keyse Abdi

    This is a well written article by obviously a knowledgeable person in the aviation industry. The minister of Air & Aviation in Somaliland is well know as incompetent and a political animal who plays the corrosive clan politics very well. It’s no secret that expunged all competent and skilled works from the ministry and replaced them with family members and other political cronies …. As result the productivity and progress of this important sector had declined significantly and is way behind comparatively to Dijouti even Somalia.

    This is a wake up call, the ministry needs change of the guard at the top in order to save it from total collapse & implosion from within.

    Thanks for the article Wii Waa!!!!

    1. CIMRAN

      Haaaahahahahahahahahahah. I laugh at thee and your none nonsensical statements. How you explain the shinning jewell that Hargeisa Cigaal Airport iS today,?

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