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SomaliCoin the Solution to Somali Financial crisis & Monetary policy

Transact with regulatory clarity

SomaliCoin is the first crypto free of the regulatory friction and ambiguity faced by Bitcoin and others.

It’s just money, no different than the Dollar, Euro or Yen, and benefits from the well established regulatory and legal framework shared by all sovereign currencies.

Go between fiat and crypto

As both a fiat and cryptocurrency, SomaliCoin can act as a Panama Canal between old world of traditional finance and the rising tide of cryptocurrencies.

As a fiat, banks and money exchanges can begin offering SomaliCoin to their clients the same way they offer Dollars, Euros and Yen. As a crypto, those traditional banking customers can acquire SomaliCoin , and then easily convert it to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether.
KYC made easy 

SomaliCoin is the first fiat currency with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism properties built in. All transactions on the SomaliCoin blockchain are identifiable, but not public.



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