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How to make and convey well-favorable research?

Ethiopia: How to Make and Convey Well-favorable Research?

ADDIS ABABA (HAN) May 20.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. BY: Abdihakim Tiyari. What is research?  Research is a careful and detailed study into a specific problem, concern, or issue using the scientific method. It’s the adult form of the science fair project back in elementary school. Where you try and learn something by performing an experiment. This is the best accomplished by turning the issue into a question, with the intent of the research to answer the question. In other words, research is a process to discover new knowledge.

Abdihakim Tiyari
Abdihakim Tiyari

Research is divided into two general categories: [1] Basic research is inquiry aimed at increasing scientific knowledge, and [2] applied research is effort for solving problems or developing new process, products, or techniques.

Somali communities are not well researched society, [research can be about anything], in according to the knowledge and everything needed to prepare consciously and academically. This directs out that they forwarded everything mouth-words [from one person to another].  It’s Due to so many factors; look-see their background history, you may found that they were nomadic society. Moreover, they byworded poets as using as Metaphor to settle hostiles among the society and any event occurs between the communities.

To become good searcher you need to follow guidelines below mentioned, these instructions are leads you to convey and expose the appropriate research, and helps you to know more hidden matter in the world.  Either our educated person or non-educated [ignorance] one have similar manner in according to their; the way they behave, researching and debating. Nevertheless, they always share same characteristics and manner. When you deeply look childrens lives around the world. Such as Ethiopian childrens are usually holds complicated assignments that are beyond their lessons or their capacities, then they try to search directly from the Internets, books and libraries. Unfortunately, the Somali academic puplis, particularly in university level can’t investigate anything, even its difficult them to seek the accurate answer, although we know they aren’t proportional, to compare secondary and university level, but this indicates our impotents. Less reading and writing activities may say are the consequences behind this, to don’t attempt neither research and investigation.

To research something forwards you to expand your rational knowledge, you can easily detect everything via researching. Try to use on your personal activity, how to test your internal power. It’s foresaid every person might be known his ability when he solves complicated matters.  For example, if I requested you to investigate why Somali community demolished or eradicated? Some of you may found the authentic data and information’s. Utmost, our issue is, How to research something? There are a lot of methods you can follow in searching process. Please follow these instructions carefully, how to convey well-favorable research.

  1. Use internets or a lot of books to clarify illegible things.
  2. Don’t trust somebody, particularly to transmit you unreliable information, unless you put deeply research.
  3. Read more and more, and look for more experience to overcome whatsoever you met.
  4. Don’t bore to trace the right facts, sacrifice both reason and time.

If you follow those above mentioned instruction, iam assure you will be self-researcher. Believe or not, research is the fuel that nourishes mind, how?  Whenever you search something, you learn new things you haven’t known before, isn’t it? Hence, many merits are among researches.  As author, if I share with you my schedule life, my research time is absolutely abundance than my readings. I want share you some secrets i learned from Pro. Ahmed Ismail Samatar, but has changed my life. Once he was lecturing at Sario-Mario Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

There are four steps you can flow to investigate something academically. First, Data is document that contains all the basic issues about the wisdom you looking for. First step is, you have to collect all your variety data that are related to your topic, then ‘information’ is next, and the information is the secrets to use as instrument to pass concrete. For instance, you are willing to make research, why Somalia is still violence, other than stability? You must use Data, In order to make your writing skills confidential and trustable. The third issue is, when you collect Data and information, it converts ‘knowledge’ wich means you acquisitioned many exploited things. Such as how to solve problems and every obstacles that in hard matter. Lastly, all that mentioned issues eventually being ‘Wisdom’. On the other hand, some people are usually mix-up Knowledge and Wisdom. Let me clarify.

The dictionary defines wisdom as “The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting”. Knowledge, “information is gained through experience reasoning, or acquaintance”. Knowledge can exist without wisdom, but not the other way around. One can be knowledge without being wise. Knowledge is knowing how to use a gun; wisdom is knowing when to use it and when to keep it holstered.

I’m urging everyone whether you learned methods of research or not, you can able to done research, if you eager to discover inexplicit things. Every stiff adversity confronts you; you have to try to search or investigate in free from any exaggerating and biases.  So keep in mind; Data, information, knowledge, and Wisdom, are hierarchy levels to follow in matter of screening.

Abdihakim Tiyari-Senior accountant and senior leadership management ACCA, student. Lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Facebook: Cabdixakiim-Tiyari Cabdillaahi Aaden,



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