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Somalia: Why People Voting Against Farmaajo in 2021 Election.

For the first time Marihan and Reer Aw-Hasssan Clans have dictated the pace and rhythm of the country’s politics in the last 4 yrs are at a crossroads: they do not have a horse to back. Conditioned and socialised to believe they cannot back someone outside their superior ethnic kike they are at a loss, mainly because Farmojo is serving his last term and believes he has nobody capable who could possibly succeed him.

This uncertainty has been exacerbated by the fact that Farmojo is viewed as the most underperforming president since independence; he is now most hated and lampooned in equal measure by his Marehani clan/Darod clan, the Marihan inferior class and pretenders to the superior class. Why? “Because after voting for him in 2016, it is very painful to see that his Marehani/Darod clan suffer unmitigated political disaster, courtesy of his gross incompetence and cluelessness. Farmojo in the presidential campaign reminded us the Hawiye clan are uncivilized and and are therefore the national leadership is not for them.

We have now come to the realization that the man was all fake and no substance. We thrusted the presidency onto him because he was supposedly one of us. I can tell you there was no other criterion we elected with him. And so we were stuck with a man whose only claim to any ‘political fame’ is that he is superior Marihan/Darod subclan. It is the greatest mistake Marihan/Darod clan have ever made. Particularly the Marehani Clan in the Gedo Region suffering from the vision of Farmojo’s lack of clan strategic and regional policies and callousness, have in recent years been showing him the middle finger.

Things on the ground are different, in Gedo District, and the country as a whole, the name Farmojo is slowly becoming most hated person in Somalia. Please, please avoid mentioning that name (Stupid and Moron Farmojo), here, I dont want my mood to spoil. We are finished with Farmojo. Said one old man from Gedo Region.

The other reason why this uncertainty is driving the Marehani clan crazy and is taking on a dangerous trajectory is that “Farmojo is carelessly endangering the lives of the Marehani clan of the Jubbaland State which is some few kilomitres from Kenya and Ethiopia border. Now to turn around and betray him is really jeopardising the safety of his people in the Gedo District and Somalia as a whole. We owe Allah [SWT] everything our trust.” ….

Farmojo has used presidemcy as bullying platform, stirring fear and hate in his so called N&N base by appealing to their most primitive instincts and encouraging them to do whatever shameful act they feel like doing., no matter to cost of others or themselves. Because Farmojo lacks a conscience and any care and compassion. For instances, the Mayor of Mogadishu, Omar Finish, issued a fatwa ordering Somalis to kill everybody who opposes Farmajo Government and particularly encouraging assassination of leading opposition figures.

Somali people are waiting for Farmajo to tell them this is the new direction my Government is taking, if he say we are going West, they will take the opposite direction. That is why they plan to do, because they want to teach him a lesson by acting contrary to his wishes. People dont only want to vote against Farmojo to punish him but also to send Director of NISA Fahad Yasin (aka Fasahadul Shaydan) to the death gallows who is widely regarded as Alshabab stooge.

The Fanproj musalsal is over. It is time to feel the heat and deal with the consequences.

BY; Ustad Abu Hilal






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