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Minister of Commerce H.E Khadra Dualeh

Somalia: What to Expect From a “Head of State” Who is Arrogant & Naive

MOGADISHU (HAN) April 28. 2021. Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. Monitoring Regional Issues. Opinion By: Former Minister of Commerce H.E Khadra Dualeh. I had a couple of meetings with President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaago when I was the Minister of Commerce and Industry. He is never rude –  you may even call him “gracious”- unlike Hassan Ali Khayre who was truly obnoxious as well as arrogant.
However, what was startling to me, and still is, he appeared “completely unaware” of the country he was representing as “Head of State”.  I am not sure if you would call it “naive” or simply clueless – whatever the term might be,  his overall “general knowledge” of the country he was leading was exceptionally suspect.  He appeared genuinely out of touch and demonstrated questionable knowledge of the challenges and pit falls facing the country – in particular, a country rising from the ashes of war and conflict.
When you consider this important failing, in a leader of a country which requires sensitivity and understanding of the inherent challenges, the current unstable situation in the country, will begin to make sense. What Somalia needs is a leader who demonstrates, an understanding of the issues facing the country, patience and flexibility, as well as wisdom and forbearance in resolving conflicts.
He would have been best served, by surrounding himself with senior advisors who had political expertise and who were well versed in current Somali political affairs.  An intimate understanding, of the social climate forged by war and displacement.   Professional, respected, and seasoned expertise was required to ideally counter-balance his lack of knowledge and understanding of Somalia.
Unfortunately, his main advisor, supporter, and influencer – Fahad Yassin has a marked propensity for violence, aggression and breaking the law. He strongly believes in the power of the gun, brute force, and indiscriminate aggression,  in resolving what is inherently a political stalemate and will use military power to resolve a political challenge.
Anyone who studies what leads nations to war and conflict, will concur the current situation while very much “Heartbreaking is Predictable”.
As a patriot, I would advise Farmaago to ignore Fahad and his ilk and design an “Exit Strategy” to save the country from more conflict, and to especially avoid civil war – at all cost.  If he does not have a desire to save the nation and the people, maybe it’s time he seriously considered saving his legacy.



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