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Somalia: What are the chances that Somaliland will have a recognized state in a post-1960?

Hargeisa (HAN) July 1, 2014 – Diplomatic Debate About Somaliland Issues. According to regional security and strategic interests, several variables will have to fall into place, but the Somalilanders have a greater chance now than any time in their recent history to form an independent Somaliland state.

As scenario of Federal Somalia collapsing becoming more likely, and a post Barre’s Somalia- What are the chances that the England or Ethiopia will accept a Somaliland independent state?

Somalilanders have been especially critical of Egypt, Yugoslavia, Romania, Syria and Rusia, given their support and arms shipments to Siad Barre during the 1980s civil war in Somaliland.

The Somaliland argument over whether genocide took place could seem to be a matter of semantics. But for many Somalis, an official regional ruling declaring what happened in 1980s to be a Somaliland genocide could help healing on both an individual and collective basis.


Does Somaliland deserve recognition?


Geeska Afrika Online have likely left some key points out, and I certainly welcome a discussion in the comments below and Facebook, Share or Like it.

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6 Responses to “Somalia: What are the chances that Somaliland will have a recognized state in a post-1960?”

  1. They do not deserve independence and to even pose the question is irrational. Somalia is the most homogeneous country in the world, why should it be split in two? So called “Somalilanders” are not ethnically, culturally, or religiously different from their other Somali breather so this secessionist b*S is not going to work.

    1. Somaliland is separate Independent state which is an existing fact on ground while Somaliweyn is a vanished dream.
      Somaliland stands for peace and stability plus bread,

    2. Gobaad

      “… Somalia is the most homogeneous country in the world, why should it be split in two? So called “Somalilanders” are not ethnically, culturally, or religiously different from their other Somali …”.

      From this statement I can guess who you are and where you from coming! Any ways, being homogeneous, sharing culture, religion or ethnicity has nothing to do with why Somaliland deserves to be recognized and that is not an argument for Somaliland not to be recognized. All the Arabs and most Europeans are homogeneous and share ethnicity, culture, and religion. Besides, Somaliland was a country, who took it Independence from the British in 1960 and recognized by over 35 countries including the 5 permanent States in the UN and then blindly joined Mugadisho with sisterly love. Things did not work out as expected and Somaliland reverted to its previous Statehood. Somaliland is not joined on the hip with other Somalis. Why does anybody think that we don’t deserve? They have to convince me otherwise!

  2. Who are you Mr. Somaliweyn to decide for me, tell me that you know my future and next destiny better than I do? Trying to address an issue like this and at the same time being playing alone as the only princple tutor to preach others is so ridiculous. You telling me utter and utter again what i have experienced before which you actually don`t.

    I don not want to repeat what i stand for since that is well known but it seems that you continue drawing a faded away lines of 1960 where you intrest is sole legitimate and that we are not even equal partners.

    That`s the kind of uncivilised way of thinking. People who still use such a bias propoganda spread only a menace , those minds are surely crippled by hypotheical thoughts far away from realities lying underground. Better save your own sinking boat and beleive me Somalilanders own masters possesing the best capablities of making both Peace that endures for ever or tough characters of fighting like a man.

  3. Abdillai Mahmoud

    Since our unilateral proclamation of independence in 1991, our country, an area the size of England and Wales has achieved impressive accomplishments in one of the poorest and most dangerous regions of the world. Rather than having a western democracy model of governance imposed on us from outside, like you Somalia, we have managed to fuse Western-style institution of governance with our own traditional forms of social and political organization. Whilst there is still a huge distance to travel, We have created effective institutions of State and attained a level of political maturity and you Somalia, you have all but ceased to function as an administrative, judicial and territorial entity. Somaliland provides a useful model of democracy that offers lessons to many African States. It reminds us that democracy is not a static, prescriptive system but a living idea that is constantly adapting and taken new forms.

  4. Farhan

    The ball is now in the hands of regional and international community. If clan based governments are allowed , then Amhara , Maasai , Tigray, Kikuyu , Oromo , Ogaden and the same regional and international clans DESERVE the right to be recognized as a ‘ country’.
    We Somalis know each other more than any other from outside. And the fact that Somaliland is clan based administration is very obvious and clear to every one .
    On the other hand , The instability of Southern Somalia , which I believe that Somaliland has some thing to do with , is not giving Somaliland the right to be separate country , instead it will make things more complicate , therefore , ‘ Somalilanders ‘ need to change their strategy which is make south Somalia violence and you might get ‘recognition’.

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