NAIROBI – The UK government has started training hundreds of Kenyan soldiers to fight al-Shabaab militants in Somalia.

The training is jointly delivered by the British Peace Support Team (BPST) and the Short-Term Training Teams from the British army.

The soldiers are being drilled on guerilla warfare tactics used by Al Shabaab, in preparation to join the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

More than 600 KDF personnel are taking part in the training.

Britain will redeploy its troops back into Kenya in January to continue with its training programme under the British Army Training Unit in Kenya (Batuk).

The unit based in Nanyuki had been recalled to the UK earlier in March following the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Some of the staffers are already back…we are ready to resume training with our Kenya Defence Forces partners,” Mr. Court said.

According to Brigadier Mark Thornhill, Defence adviser to the British High Commission, Batuk training in Nanyuki will officially resume in January when the troops are expected to jet into the country.


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