Somalia: The Revival of National Election Initiatives 

Mogadishu (HAN) November 16, 2020. Public Diplomacy and regional election initiatives. A national Somali election initiatives requires a  coordinated national plan, politicos, and pollsters. Somalia also needs top Somali loyalist with common interest for the nation. With high quality  visioneers to communicate effectively and increase public diplomacy calls to  coordinate federal member states, and election stakeholders to response peoples 2021 yearns – Somalia with effective governance.

The upcoming Somali parliamentarians expect Farmajo to revive ‘mature, working relationship’ with the Federal member States and Somali politicians after four years of ‘chaotic’ Farmajo and Abdirahman Abdishakur slams Farmajo’s lack of concession: ‘The wind of change for Somalia has spoken 2020’

The Editorial desk of Geeska Afrika Online will be happy to receive your suggestions. We will publish your notion and election opinions for Somalia’s  2021 platforms.

Please keep sending your response at email:  Compliments and Best Wishes for Somalia and the Somali people.



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