Mogadishu (HAN) December 4, 2014. Public diplomacy and National security news. Somali‬ President said during today’s inauguration of Sharif Hassan “It is an honour and a privilege to celebrate this historic day with you.

Vision 2016 is a Somali vision and South West Interim Administration is today a reality of this vision

SSomali President congratulated President Sharif Hassan, and recognize the peaceful creation of the South Western Interim Administration.

Two years ago, my newly formed government articulated a big vision: a vision of a peaceful Somalia, a vision of a federalized nation, a vision of a nation whose ideals and rights were enshrined in a Constitution, a vision of a people who would go the polls- as a democratic nation in 2016. This was Vision 2016.

Photo: In Baidoa this afternoon with Hon.Hussein Arab Isse and Saadiq Ibrahim before the inauguration


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