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Somalia: Regina hosts powerful women speakers events; Amanda Lindhout, hostage in Somalia

This week, Regina is home to three high-profile events celebrating women’s achievements. This year’s theme, “facing adversity,” features three keynote speakers: The Huffington Post creator Arianna Huffington; Amanda Lindhout, who was kept as a hostage in Somalia and now is the executive director of the Global Enrichment Foundation, In 2014 CBC Bookie Award for Best Canadian Nonfiction Website (photo amanda lindhout at forward operating base masum ghar in afghanistan); and Malini Chib, who has cerebral palsy and is the CEO of the ADAPT, which organizes disability rights activists.

Behind every great women’s conference there’s, well, great female organizers — powerful women in their own right who want to use their skills to bring other women together to share their ideas, experiences and successes.

“Being the first woman president of a university in Saskatchewan I felt strongly that I had the responsibility to profile and support and highlight leadership for women,” said University of Regina president Vianne Timmons of the annual event she created five years ago.

In pairing these women in the speakers series, Timmons said “I wanted to highlight that adversities have very different faces, and I wanted to profile women who have overcome them in different ways.”

Reported Regina Post and Review/Edited by: Ladan Kaafi, Carliton University






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