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Somalia: President with Sharmarke Appointed Newly Cabinet Ministers

Mogadishu (HAN) January 28, 2015- Public diplomacy, Regionalism and Weekly Security Series on cabinet issues. Somalia is one step away from completing an historic transition to empowering good governace.

Somali prime minister, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke has appointed his second time new ministerial cabinet, mostly political novices following weeks of delays due to a pressure from legislators who warned him of reinstating certain ministers from his predecessor’s cabinet.

Somali prime minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke appointed a 20 newly member Cabinet, mostly political newcomers, downsizing the number from the 26-member body that was dissolved earlier this month for personal and tribal ethnic conflict within the cabinet and parliamentary policy makers of Somalia.

The official names of the Somali Federal Ministers and their cabinet positions are:

01. Mohamed Omar Arte Ghalib, Deputy Prime Minister & Ministry of Youth and Sports
02. Ahmed Hassan Gabobe, Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs
03. Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein, Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs
04. Mohamed Adan Ibrahim “Fargeti”, Ministry of Finance
05. Abdulkadir Sh. Ali Dini, Ministry of Defense
06. Abdisalan Hadliye Omar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
07. Khadra Bashir Ali, Ministry of Education
08. Fahad Yasin Hagi Dahirr, Ministry of Ports and Marine Transport
09. Abdirahman Yusuf Ali Aynte, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation
10. Nur Farah Hersi, Ministry of Constitution & and Religious Affairs
11. Guled Hussein Qassim, Ministry of Information
12. Ali Ahmed Jama “Jangali”, Transport and Civil Aviation
13. Said Hussein Eid, Ministry of Livestock, Forestry and Range
14. Ali Hassan Osman, Ministry of Agriculture
15. Hassan Ahmed Mudey, Ministry of Commerce and Industry
16. Salah Sh. Osman Muse, Ministry of Public Works and Reconstruction
17. Sahra Mohamed Ali Samatar, Ministry of Women and Family Affairs
18. Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
19. Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum
20. Hawa Hassan Mohamed, Ministry of Health

Somali lawmakers approved the appointment of Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke as prime minister last month, and the United States and United Nations renewed pressure on him and his fellow leaders to build a stable government for Somalia.


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