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Somalia: Ostracise the jinn in the Judiciary.

The former president of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has alleged that the government institutions where destroyed by the chief of intelligence. This allegation is very serious and the government has got to act promptly.

The Prime Minister have to appoint independent committee to investigate this allegation. Mr Hassan said that the intelligence service, the police and the Somali political establishment were destroyed.

How on earth that can happen in supposedly a country which is striving to be democratic one.

The only way people can defend Somali fragile democracy is to use the legal system. The reader may ask, “What! How can people use a corrupted legal system?”

Our daft constitution explains clearly the role of legal system in Somali political life. Successive administrations failed to enact and implement the articles of the constitution on this matter. But that does not mean, people who have been appointed for that role cannot prosecute officials, who are accused to have committed serious crimes against Somali state. They can do it if they want.

Many people believe that the people in those positions are incompetent, corrupt and lack of the experience to carry out their duties. That is way some people are losing confidence in the system and seeking justice in Al shabab held areas. Democracy without legal system is NOT a democracy and that is the sham.

Recently, the parliament has approved the appointment of the national council of judiciary. According to Somali constitution, The national council of judiciary is responsible to nominate judges and adjudicating constitutional disputes between executive and legislative.

The members of council have been tabulated in the Constitution. It is black and white. Many previous administration’s had failed to appoint this important council. If it were in place the country should not have had this constitution and political crises.

The current administration’s appointment of the council is something to be welcomed by all Somalis. let be clear here, “I am talking about the council as an INSTITUTION. I am not involving myself the dispute surrounding the legality of its members.”

I am taking about the members who’s supposed to be in the council as specified in Somali constitution.

Therefore, the opposition leaders, civil society groups including Somali Law society and general public ought to challenge the way in which the legal system of Somalia had been destroyed by successive administrations. It ought to put right.

Let us all be accountable for our own actions and help build a good judiciary system which can adjudicate any kind of dispute political or social.

The Somali democracy is a fragile and it has been built with the finances of international community and no one will be allowed to destroy it or advocate any forn of violence.

All the allegations of former president needs to be checked and double checked and verified and if they are credible the perpetrators must be held accountable for their actions so that the future leaders will be taught the norms of democracy and how the law is above all.

The citizens have every right to demand democratic process which can deal with corrupt officials of any party whether in government in opposition effectively.

Author: My Mohamed Mohamed Adde







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