Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

Somalia needs stable foreign policy devoid of emotions: Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

MOGADISHU:   Somalia needs a sound foreign policy devoid of emotions in order to compete favourably in the international arena and attract foreign investments, former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has said.

Addressing a forum in Mogadishu Monday, the former head of state who is also the UPD party presidential candidate said Somalia’s international standing must be guided by a vibrant, open and tolerant foreign policy.

“Since we are not self-sufficient and in need of international assistance, we need, at the very least, a very stable foreign policy, a lot of tolerance, openness, acceptance and respect,” Mohamud said.

“ We need to come together, and our foreign policy should not be based on emotions. ”

With such a policy, the former president said, Somalia will be capable to engage favourably and competitively at the global stage. He warned against a foreign policy based on emotions noting, “The harder you have to make international friends, the harder it is for you to get international support, the harder you have to intervene, the more difficult it is to survive.”

He noted that the outgoing administration of President Mohamed Farmaajo had exposed the country to international meddling for failing to handle domestic affairs.

His remarks echo accusations by opposition groups against Farmaajo that he was damaging ties with Kenya for purposes of influencing local support for re-election.’

The Federal Government has been at loggerheads with Kenya in the last one month going to the extent of severing ties on grounds that Nairobi was interfering with the country’s internal affairs.

Attempts to have the regional bloc IGAD reprimand Kenya, however, failed Sunday after the eight-member group steered clear of the disputes. Foreign Affairs Minister Mohamed Abdirizak, however, said the two countries were requested to resolve the matter at a bilateral level.







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