Somalia: Minister Appointed the Director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency

Mogadishu (HAN) 20th February, 2018. Public Diplomacy and Regional security initiatives. The former minister and member of federal Somali parliament was appointed the newly Director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), HE. Hussein Osman Hussein officially takes over the agency, according to the HAN reporter in Mogadishu.

The official ceremony  was held at the NISA headquarters in Mogadishu, the former deputy health minister took the  office from the deputy deputy of NISA chief, Abdikadir Mohamed Nur (JAMA), a former Somali diplomat in Ankara, Turkey.

The event was attended by the Minister for Security, Mohamed Abukar Duaale Islow,  as well as other high-ranking officials from the security sector reforms: Defense, Police and special forces officials from AMISOM and Somali security forces members based in Halane Airport, Mogadishu.

The new director, Hussein was appointed this week by Somali federal cabinet meeting in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Hussein Osman Hussein  was named the Director of Somali National Intelligence Agency (NSA)  following an emergency cabinet meeting. Immediate changes were made to the top brass of Somalia’s security apparatus with new commanders in the intelligence, police and custodial corps.

General Bashir Abdi Mohamed has been promoted from the deputy police chief to the Chief of Police; while General Bashiir Mohammed Jama “Goobe” returns to his previous office post as the new chief of the federal Somali  Custodial Corps. “Bashiir Goobe” previously served as the Director of Somali National Intelligence Agency (NISA) in 2013, durin Sheekh Shariif Presidency.

Hussein’s predecessor, Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Sanbaloolshe was sacked last August by the same cabinet after Al-Shabaab attacked  SYL hotel in the Somali capital.

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