Somalia’s Federal Government has warned international partners not to cross a “red line” by interfering in its internal affairs

This warning  was issued through a statement in reaction to a tweet by the Norwegian envoy to the country that read

“As a close partner, 🇳🇴 is deeply concerned about the lack of political will by all to seek a solution. The FGS 🇸🇴 is obliged to secure swift transfer of power, as are all political actors. A successful way forward requires courageous leaders seeking consensus. #Somalia”

Somalia: Interfering in Our Internal Affairs is Crossing a ‘Red Line’ President Farmajo warns Intl Partners

In response to this warning the Norwegian embassy responded via twitter handle @norwayinsomalia  by stating that

“The Embassy would like to clarify that what we hope to see are swift and peaceful elections, based on consensus. Norway, as a long-term friend and partner of Somalia, is and always will remain impartial to the internal choices made by the Somali people. @TheVillaSomalia


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