minister, Awad Isse

Somalia has denied issuing any statement regarding Ethiopia

MOGADISHU –  Somalia has denied issuing any statement regarding Ethiopia’s situation.

An alleged foreign ministry statement circulating on social media claimed Somalia to have expressed concern over operations in Tigray region.

Dismissing the statement, Somali foreign minister, Awad Isse Ahmed said the ministry did not issue statement regarding Ethiopia’s situation.

“This is to clarify that there is no official statement from foreign ministry regarding situation in Ethiopia,” the minister said. “The statement making round does not represent the views of the federal government of Somalia and therefore is not valid.”
Earlier statement published by Somali foreign ministry appears to be deleted.

The alleged statement comes amid Ethiopian military stepped up their operations to restore governance in Tigray region.

Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed vowed to remove TPLF leaders from power in the northern region.

Somalia and Ethiopia had enhanced their relationship for the last two years when Abiy Ahmed assumed of office of Ethiopian prime minister.

Both countries had engaged deadly war in second half of 20th century.






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