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Somalia: Farmajo is Building Tribal Military to Survive

HARGEISA (HAN) May 1. 2021. Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. Monitoring Regional Issues. Opinion: By: Prof. hussein. Hussein. Somalia is now marred with tribal tug war camouflaged as  good will for the country and it’s people.  Farmaajo is a man hungry for power. He has been building tribal military for some time. Now he sees that the power is gradually slipping from his grip. He is desperately trying to survive by whatever means.

He has a zero moral character. He is corrupt and has now bankrupted the meagre financial resources bestowed  to the poor Somalis. Thanks to the testimony of his finance Minister who has coined the famous  word  “Sagxadda” after four years of looting. He is part and parcel of that ugly legacy. These people has caused more damage in their short tenure that it will take many years to repair their twisted  and tribally oriented actions. God  bless Somalia.

Opinion: By: Prof. hussein. Hussein (Somaliland Researcher)




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