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Somalia: Ethiopian Troops Detain Somali Officials in Gedo Province

MOGADISHU (HAN) November 7, 2019. Regional Security and Stability NEWS. Reports from the Gedo region indicate that Ethiopian troops have forcibly taken away officials and military officials from Jubbaland state.

The Ethiopian army who entered Beled-Hawo, Luq and Dolow districts of Gedo region in the last few days have arrested the officials for refusing the work with the Somali government.

In addition, the governors and officials of the Jubbaland security forces have demanded the release of Jubbaland security Minister Abdirashid Janan, who is held in Mogadishu.

Those detained include the commissioners of Luq, Beled-Hawo, Doolow, and the Jubbaland army general commanding the troops in the Gedo region in southern Somalia.

The arrest further exacerbates the current political tensions between the leaders of the Somali federal government and Jubbaland administration.

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