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Somalia: Complex and Negative Web of the Aid Industry Machinery

Djibouti (HAN) June 29, 2014. Expert Analysis, Your Power & Regional Influence Magazine, opinion page by: HE Abdi Hosh.  Somalia like some other South countries is gripped under a complex and negative web of the Aid Industry machinery: the White-Saviour Aid Industrial Complex (WSAIC). After a quarter century of managing the lives of the Somali people from cradle to grave, WSAIC has become the new normal for Somali people to the extent that the go-getting spirit and the resilient human agency of the Somali peoples have been sapped and reduced to a community of beggars and supplicants.

Background Archives By  Geeska Afrika Online : Various international and regional diplomatic and humanitarian efforts in the Somali Civil War have been in effect since the conflict first began in the early 1990s. The latter include diplomatic initiatives put together by the International communities.

The Somalia political chaos, deteriorating security situation, widespread banditry and looting, and extent of physical destruction compounded the problem and severely constrained the delivery of humanitarian supplies. Furthermore, the conflict threatened stability in the Horn of Africa region, and its continuation occasioned threats to international peace and security in the area.


We need to organize on this issue and stop the clan-centric politics of the last 40 years. We have been competing against each other as communities instead of cooperating together so that we can develop a national plan to compete with the rest of the world on economics and trade. Any takers here? Takers who would research this issue and come up with policy options?

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Photo: During the National Constituent Assembly gathering at Scuola Polizia July/August 2012 for the adoption of the Provisional Constitution with Constanza, Robin Gary, His Excellency Kamal Gutaale, the current Deputy Governor of Banadir region, Bashir Goobe, the current head of NISA and Khalif Ereg, National security officer.




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2 Responses to “Somalia: Complex and Negative Web of the Aid Industry Machinery”

  1. Ahmed Dirie

    I am intrigued by the issue but I would like to hear about what you expecting from would-be contributors and what is your end goal? I look forward to hearing from you. Ahmed Dirie

  2. Chief K

    Honesty is the BEST policy! Period.
    Somalis, be honest with yourselves first and the rest will follow suit, God willing.
    You will otherwise forever be in this quagmire chasing your shadows if you don’t stop and look yourselves in the mirror, (most likely to see the wolf in you). Why lie to yourselves, going from one meeting/conference to another for decades, with your empty souls in these looted Georgia Armani empty suits with a blood stained flag stuck up on your chests, trying to portray hence lie, a non-existent patriotism, that has practically produced nothing but more misery. Go and smell the coffee, mates and do yourselves a favour! The world community is sick and tired of your shallowness and making constant fools of yourselves which has become a laughing matter in the world stages.

    The ‘ONLY’ one good policy you need to present to the world community at this time and on a final note before you are pushed to the ocean and become a good riddance, (for good) is, first and foremost, to be HONEST with yourselves.
    All else has failed to work for you in the decades past, so why not be smart enough and be courageous to face the music and be able to change the mistakes of the past in a vigorous and calculated manner…that is the entire game plan. In a simple layman language, your problem is based and sitting on one and only one PILLAR, “QABIIL” (Clannism), which, in my honest and humble opinion is the “EBOLA VIRUS” for Somalis. It has eaten the fabric of the ‘SOMALI’ and maybe beyond repair at this stage I am afraid. The only hope left thus far, is to quarantine the nation for 10 years so to get rid of it. No other solution is in immediate sight. Since, it is an extremely contagious disease, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are all suffering from it. Why lie, they need HELP and quickly too! They need a complete riddance of this Virus and overhaul of this society far more than the food aid hand-outs.
    Honesty is a painful affair, but honestly, it is the best policy in the long ran! Go figure!
    Good luck in your endeavour.

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