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Somalia: AU & Somali forces recapture strategic village

Somali National Army (SNA) and African Union peacekeeping mission (AMISOM) have retaken Runir-good village in Middle Shabelle region in southern Somalia barely a day after Al-Shabaab wrestled it back.

Military officer Abdullahi Macallin told Xinhua by phone the joint forces recaptured the village Monday with ease after Al-Shabaab vacated the village.

“They left Runir-good village after getting information out forces were heading towards the area. We took over it without any clash,” said Macallin, noting that peace and stability had returned to the village.

“Our forces are now in total control and peace has been restored,” added Macallin.

Somali forces had captured the village Saturday before Al-Shabaab laid ambush and wresting control of the village.

A resident who refused to be identified said Al-Shabaab had at first tried to resist by firing in the air before the troops arrived but backed down.

“There was gunfire for some time before the militants left the village,” he said.

The capture of Runir-good adds to a list of many villages which are now under government control following joint operations between the two forces.

On Sunday, the Islamist militants recaptured the Runir-good to claim to have killed more than 32 soldiers including a senior military officer in the town, a day after the town had fallen to government forces.

However, Somalia authorities said the soldiers were ambushed and eight of them were killed, while his forces killed 12 Al-Shabaab militants.




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