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Somalia: Abdighani Resigned  From his Post as State Ministry of Jubbaland

Mogadishu   (HAN) October 23, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Security and stability Initiatives  News.


Dear my  Friends, For the past five years, I’ve dedicated my life to guiding, nurturing and facilitating the political and social development of Jubbaland, as it embarks on a recovery path from conflict region to a Federal Member State of Somalia. As State Ministry of Presidency, my work was focused on centring institutional capacity building and good governance as the Jubbaland Administration’s (JA) core state building priorities. My aim here was to spearhead an administration that placed an importance on democratic processes and rule of law.

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Jubbaland’s transformative change from conflict ridden zone to a slow but steady path to governance. Our efforts have not been without their challenges, as we confronted political adversaries, security concerns and widespread underdevelopment and pov-erty. Despite all of these challenges, I’ve remained dedicated to catapulting Jubbaland into a democratic and prosperous future through my policy planning and institutional development work.

However, after a long deliberation with colleagues and family, I’ve decided to resign from my post as State Ministry of Presidency with the Jubbaland, effective immediately. This decision was guided by current pressing political commitment at national level and some family obligations that require my attention. This was a hard decision to make, as the people of Jubbaland, the true stake-holders of this process, have always remained my primary concern and inspiration. I want to thank the leadership of Jubbaland Administration H.E Ahmed Mohamed Islam, for his unwavering support extended to me during my tenure as Minister Presidency and for their commitment to establishing peace and development in this region, and encourage that they contin-ue to uphold democratic values and not give way to instability and despotism.

I want to thank our strategic International partners,who’ve worked closely with the Jubbaland in a collaborative and consultative climate. I’m certain that our paths will cross again in the future, as we all have the same goal of witnessing Somalia’s political progress come into fruition. Lastly, I would also like to thank my Jubbaland constituents for serving as the guiding light that kept the darkness and negativity at bay. You are my inspiration, and I will continue to work for you in a manner that challenges me to deliver on the promises we’ve made to develop Jubbaland.

Once again, I thank you all for your support, guidance, working relationship, and genuine efforts, and encourage every stakeholder in the Jubbaland process to continue the good work of state building and good governance. I will be now based in Mogadishu with frequent travel to Nairobi, supporting National Consultative Forum (NCF) from the office of the Prime Minister in the interim period, and can be contacted through the provided contact information.

Please accept with assurance of my highest considerations,

Abdighani Abdi Jama

The first day i arrived in Kismayo, 2012

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