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Somalia: A Well-known Activist Dr. Idil Salah, will be Fondly Remembered

Mogadishu (HAN) November 11, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Humanitarian stability Initiatives News. Idil Ladane Salah, was a prominent gender equality activist has died in Ottawa on Monday, aged 50. The motto of her organization “Enough is enough” which advocated for Somali women’s political participation and political decision making at all levels.

Dr. Idil Ladane Salah death sparked an outpouring of tributes online as Somalis from all walks of life took to the social media on Monday to mourn the death of a women often referred as ‘spirited’.

Hanad Yuseff · Research Assistant at Dansom Research and Consultancy told Geeska Afrika Online, “Dr Idil Salah has touched the future generation and I will always keep her close to my heart.”

The Prime Minister of Somalia, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, also shared his condolences comments and said,

“My sincere condolences to Idil’s family and friends and Somalia. I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Idil was very kind and honesty person and Ottawa will miss her. I ask Allaah to please forgive her and grand her Janatul fardowsa”

The former president of Somali-Canadian Community in Ottawa, Professor, Nour Kaafi, MIPIS, The Chancellor of The Somali Institute of Security and Diplomacy (SIRAD) and the current Executive Director of Canadian Eye On Africa,

“In the thickness of shock My Sister, My Friend, DR.Idil Salah, We lost a great person from the Somali-Canadian community in Ottawa. She will be fondly remembered.”

Idil Ladane Salah, was a prominent gender equality activist and researcher of peace building and developments has died in Ottawa on Monday, aged 50, her family said.
Ms. Ladane began activism at a young age in the light of equality complaints by women in Somalia, focusing on empowerment of Somali women’s role in society as she co-founded both “Somali Women’s Circle Network (SWCN) and Somali Gender Equity Movement (SGEM).

“You were legend, brave and always stood above others.” said Ahmed Shamsi, in Minneapolis on twitter.

“As women, you always made us look stronger –But today I am heartbroken – love you Iidl.” said Fathiya Mumin, a Somali-Canadian woman in Ottawa.

“Dr. Idil was someone who has dedicated allot of time and energy to the well being of the Somali Nation in general and particularly to the Somali women. May Every lesson she tough us, every program she started and every soul she touch serve as a Sadaqah Jariyah for her” said Luul Kulmiye who is the founding member of SGEM
Idil was also a researcher who conducts work that relates to gender equality, human Security, failed states, peace-building and development issues. Idil has written on Somalia issues extensively, especially on the role of Somali women in peace and development. Idil was working for the Federal Government of Canada, holds PhD on public affairs and management and Masters of Anthropology, according to SWCN website

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2 Responses to “Somalia: A Well-known Activist Dr. Idil Salah, will be Fondly Remembered”

  1. Abdishakur Abdulle, PhD

    No words can express the loss and grieve of those who have known Dr. Idil Salah Lada. Her unequivocal charm, sense of humor, warm personality and above all intellectual ability have always been and will continue to be perforated in our hearts and minds. She was a genuine friend, a sister, a mentor,who never shied away from telling the truth. Dr. Idil has always been a source of happiness and wisdom to me and presumably anyone who may have known her enough. I was most privileged to have known such a wonderful person for over 35 years at times teaching her, and in other times learning from her. May Allah the almighty bestow his mercy on her and grant her Janna. And may Allah give her family and friends the strength to overcome this sadden tragedy. Rest in peace, you will forever be remembered.

  2. Dr. Daniel Tetteh Osabu-Kle

    Today is December 3, 2015. I just heard about the passing away of Dr. Idil Salah. I am really sad today. The late Dr. Idil Salah is one of my treasured students at Carleton University. I am the supervisor of her PhD dissertation. She was a true Somali nationalist who believed that eclectic application of lessons from development theories might help resolve the Somali problem, including resuscitation of the Somali State. For Idil, all Somali people are one despite the illusions of clanism. Though She hailed from the Darood clan, she did not allow bonds to that clan to undermine her commitment to Somalia as one nation, one people and one destiny.

    She was also an African nationalist who believed in a united Africa in both the economic and political spheres. For Idil, a divided Africa can achieve little, but a united Africa can have the infinite sky only as its limit.

    Certainly Somalia and Africa have both lost a dear daughter. May her soul rest in peace in paradise.

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