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Somali Impact in Mali: The Crisis Appears Getting Worse

Djibouti (HAN) December 14, 2019. EU external Action Group and Regional Security Initiatives. The Extremist in Mali trained by Al-Shabaab of Somali terror group, sometimes intermingled with criminal trafficking or local community tensions in Sahil region, is disrupting everyday life and any hopes of development in this desperately poor region, which fringes the Sahara.

The leader of EU, France, is paying a heavy price in Mali for its role in the struggle against Mali terror group, with the death of 13 soldiers when two helicopters collided last week, a lesson learned Mogadishu Helicopter attack in 1993.

Strategic move: That is why, France is persuading the rest of EU military activities in Somalia to move the SAHIL region and to join the deadly terror attacks in Mali. The security crisis continues to deepen in Mali and it will effect AMISOM operations in Somalia, both strategically and financially.

France are enforcing the UN Security Council and the UN operation in Mali (Minusma), to include troops from Asia, Canada and Europe as well as African Union troops.




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