Somali Delegates in Cairo requested weapons to fight Al-Shabaab Militants

Djibouti (HAN) 12th March, 2014. – The Arab Foreign Ministers are In Cairo to mainly discuss how to overhaul the pan-Arab bloc, and preparations and arrangements for a planned Arab summit in Kuwait this month.

The Somalia deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mahad Mohamed Salad in Cairo, capital of Egypt to attend Meeting of 141 round of Arab Foreign Ministers held in cairo.

Arab foreign ministers meeting is to facilitate summit of Arab leaders from around the 25 Arab Countries to be held in Kuwait City on March 25-26, 2014. Deputy Secretary-General of the Arab League Ambassador Ahmed bin Helli said the meeting is part of ongoing efforts to revamp the Arab League, adding that the league will partake in the oversight of parliamentary and presidential elections in eight Arab countries.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation at the address on the need for the Federal Government of Somalia spoke to have the financial support and the military can provide a comprehensive upgrade and equip the Armed Forces in Somalia.  Mahad Mohamed Salad urged Arab countries to play a significant role in the development activities and rebuilding the country, urging them to re-open embassies in the Somali capital Mogadishu, like any other European Embassies.

Arab foreign ministers meeting will be the first meeting of the Ambassadors and Permanent Mission of the League of Arab States, the Federal Government of Somalia attended the meeting with the ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Somalia and the commission’s permanent envoy to the Arab League Ambassador Abdullahi Hassan Mohamud . Statement issued by Arab foreign ministers are to admit support for the Federal Government of Somalia.

Meanwhile, a regional military source told HAN & Geeska Afrika Online Security reporter in Djibouti on Monday that Al-Shabaab weaponry — including anti-tank missiles — were seized in an operation in the central city of Hudur and Gedo Regions of Southern Somalia. A headquarters of militants was also destroyed in the suburbs of the Qoryoley Area. Elsewhere, government forces killed several Arab militants from Yemen and Saudi Arabia in the strategic regions of Bay and Bakool.

In recent days, the Somali army has gained the upper hand in the weeks-long battle in that area, which had been used as a base for militant operations around Mogadishu.  On Sunday, The Somali Foreign Minister Dr Abduraham Duale Beileh said Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia had set up a new joint command in Hiiraan region to oversee the operations of militants towards Southern Somalia or Puntland.

The deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mahad Mohamed Salad was prior to the meetings, he met separately to discuss with Prime Minister and Deputy First Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Foreign Affairs Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Secretary General of the League of Arab States Dr. Nabil El Araby, Foreign Affairs Minister Nabil Fahmy in Egypt, Iraq Hoshyar Zebari, Yusuf Bin Alawi Sultanate Oman, Comoros Dr. Al-Sayed Arif Hassan, Salahuddin Mizwar Morocco, Algeria Ramadan Lamamra, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Bahrain Ghanim bin Fadhl Al-Buainain, ambassadors and representatives of state agencies and the international conference in cairo, and discussed the support agencies various Federal Government agencies of Somalia, to win government initiative development and peace building.

Sources: HAN & Geeska Afrika Online



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